Play poker to prevent Alzheimer's disease?

A study conducted between 1999 and by the National Institute of health and medical research today shows the positive effects of poker on Alzheimer's disease. Poker would reduce the chances of dementia (including Alzheimer's disease made part) in people of 65 years and Tasnime Akbaraly and Claudine Berr researchers. Obviously, poker isn't the only game with these benefits; This can be the case of all the leisure activities that work the intellect as the bridge which was also tested. It is estimated that Alzheimer's disease will affect 16 million Americans here 2050

The exact words of the researchers: "[those who are] at least two times a week a stimulating leisure activity are intellectually two times less likely to develop dementia or disease d Alzheimer's, compared with the participants engaged in these activities less d once per week." (...) However no significant reduction in the risk of dementia n was observed with other categories d (passive, physical and social) leisure activities "."

Working are intellect is not solely responsible for this prevention, it's going to be. Eating y is also for something, like the level of studies. The fact to have sex and live in couple also improves the quality of life and physical health. People living in two and having sexual relations are less affected by the different forms of dementia (which affects 35 persons in the world) that only people living in abstinence.

In short, your retirement, do exercise, move... and play poker! :)

For more details on the study in question, you may consult this Web page:

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