Handhistories & Datamining

Poker is a game of information. This is why many players pay (or dataminent themselves) to put the hand on their opponents hands histories. Thus, they are able to make better decisions when they are found in a hand against them. They also have a larger sample to analyze an opponent in particular. Many sites prohibit the use of hand histories that you've not played personally. Well that sites will be not able to know that you purchased the hand histories, see all the same terms and conditions of the site on which you play for whether it is allowed or not.

PokerCollectif particularly recommend HHDealer, the best site for the purchase of hand histories. In addition, it is a site that allows to have a monthly to receive, every days, historical news from hands of the previous day, for EU fraction of the price. These monthly subscriptions are a good way to have recent hands in its database.

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HandHQ - information
HandHQ is a service of sale of Hand Histories. Fast service and coverage of many sites (PokerStars, FullTilt Poker, PartyPoker, IPoker, Cereus, Ongame, Entraction)
0.99$-1000$ + *. Download
PokerTableRatings - information
PokerTableRatings offers a wide range of service, from the sale of Hand histories to a database of billions of hands covering many sites like PokerStars, FullTilt, PartyPoker, IPoker, Cereus, Ongame, Cake, Bodog, PokerStars... PokerTableRatings also sells the hands of Sit' n'go.
Discount Code PokerTableRatings: PC10 (10% discount)

9.99-$299 + *.

HHDealer & PokerHand Scout - information
HHDealers & PokerHand Scout offer a service of sale of Hand Histories. They are distinguished by their monthly subscription to receive millions of hands at a fraction of the price! They offer the best price on the market
$15 70 *. Download


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IdleMiner - information  
IdleMiner is a software of datamining to open and close automatically according to your search criteria. You can therefore dataminer without even be in front of your computer. IdleMiner also offers with Grabber Hands on many sites.
$ 54.99 Download