The profiling of the tilt by Jared Tendler

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Author: Jared Tendler
Translation: Kidam for PokerColletif

The tilt is one of the most confusing concepts for the majority of poker players and the reason is very simple: it is described and defined much too broadly. When a player plays badly, it is often said that it tilt without even asking why it tilt.

When speaking of tilt, each player is different. Some players will be tiltes after a badbeat. Others will be tuned after a bad game. Others will still be tuned due to boredom. The tilt may have several effects on the game of a player. Some will play too aggressively and want gambler and others will be too passive.

Each form of tilt requires a different approach to correct. Say: "I'm tuned" will not correct the problem. It's like go see the doctor and tell him: "heal me, I'm not fine", without even specifying why you are not well.

To cure the tilt, you must understand it and to do this, you will need to analyze all the little details. After working thousands of hours with poker players, I reduced the tilt to this:

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