Tournaments Poker

There are many software for tournament players. Some help to better know your opponents, others allow to improve certain facets of your game (ex: mode "push or fold" at the end of tournament). PokerCollectif recommends that you particularly Tournament Shark, allowing to have individual statistics on the outcomes in tournament of each of the players at the table.

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Chillin411 ICM Calculator 
Free and effective web application allowing you to solve your complex of ICM problems when you're tournament.
Free Download
Tournament Shark 
Analysis software for tournament players. This software informs you about the competence of your opponents by telling you whether it is fish or shark according to the available information.

$ 49.88 *.

$ 7.99 *.

Tournament Indicator 
Odds calculator simple with additional options such as the indication of the "M zone" and a HUD database. Less complete than PokerTracker 3 or Hold'em Manager, but lightweight, efficient and easy to use.

$ 89.95

SitNGo Wizard 
Essential software for any serious sitNgo player. It helps you in your sessions revisions in relying on the CMI calculation. SitNgo Wizard also offers a "Test" section where you have to mentally calculate the fairness of a 'push' (all in) versus the fairness of a fold according to CMI.
$ 99.00 Download
Poker Push Bot 
Tool for tournament players. It will help you when your carpet will be shallow, while you'll often just two possibilities: push all-in or folder.
$ 15 Download
* Monthly fee. * * Annual fee