Scam/cheat - poker software

The greed brings many people wanting to cheat or defraud his opponents in online poker. Some players will look for ways to cheat, and is done by so-called software miracles can see the hands of his opponents. Taking advantage of the naivety of some players, software like Poker RNG or Pocket Aces Cheating have thus emerged. Don't fall for the Panel: these software do not work. PokerCollectif also recommends you avoid the real software that have been hacked: the hacker can sometimes include a Trojan horse in this software which will broadcast it your own cards: you could then lose much more than the price of the software...

Name Note Price Download
Poker software pirated torrent
Have you ever had the intention or have you already hacked poker software? Perhaps is not so EV + as you might think.

$ 0

Pocket Aces Cheating Software - Cheat at poker
Get a pair of ACEs preflop to all hands, interested you?

$ 39.95

Poker RNG - discover the algorithm of online poker rooms
Predict the future poker, you are interested? Here is a software as reliable as a dispenser of cards. And perhaps less.

$ 457