Huge propbet for JoeIngram1; 450,000 VPPS in 31 days

JoeIngram1The "ChicagoJoey" on Twoplustwo member plans to make 450,000 VPP on PokerStars tables this month. There is no error, it is really 450,000 VPP this player wants to do in a month (the majority of the players on PokerStars don't make it in 1 year). According to his calculations, he will make $ 36,000 in FPP, $ 11,600 for milestones, $ 20,000 as bonus rewards when it is SuperNoveElite, another $ 5,200 with his entry for a WCOOP tournament ticket and a $ 24,000 additional has he managed to maintain his status next year. In short, it's $ 96,800 hopes to gain with this propbet.


In addition, if he accomplishes his goal, he will earn $ 45,000 in propbet. In his words, is a lot of money and there is therefore no room for failure.

Here's the video he did on Youtube to talk about his project:

SuperNovaElit status is awarded to players who have amassed 1 million VPP in the year.

Joeingram1 gives itself the right to consume drugs (probably to keep awake) during his challenge, but he intends to use that as a last resort (to make the pill for 1 month must obviously mortgage health).

PokerCollectif will keep you abreast of its course in the coming weeks.

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