Summary of the final table of the WSOP ME!

The wait is now over and the last nine veterans gathered yesterday on the final table of the Main Event of the World Series of Poker with the same idea in mind: win the prestigious bracelet, 8, $7M that come with.


Today, there are more than 3 players still in the race: the German Pius Heinz with 107 million in chips, the American Ben Lamb with 55 million in chips and Czech Martin Staszko, shortstack table with 42 million chips.

It is the English Sam Holden (and not hold'em) who was the first to come out of this final table. While shortstack, he wanted to steal blinds with AJ, but unfortunately for him, he struck at the AK of Ben Lamb. Sam Holden leaves still with $782K. This young 22-year-old man still has years before him to add some other great performances to his resume of poker player.

The second player to leave the table is Anton Makiievskyi. When Anton came out, it wasn't the more the table shortstack. It is rather Bob Bounahra who had the smallest M.
Anton made himself out when he has open raise all-in on the small blind with KQ (standard saw his stack, its position) and his hand. Pius Heinz the button look at his hand, sees 99 and obviously snap call the all-in from the small blind who can make this play with a vast range that 99 dominates. The flop was excellent for Anton because he touched his King, but the 9 on the turn gave him the effect of a cold shower. Anton went with a purse of just over one million dollars.

The next player to eliminate is Bob Bounahra who was the poorest player in chips for some time already. Its A5 clashed with the A9 de Martin Staszko and Bob was back 1.3 million for its 7th position.

Eoghan O'Dea is eliminated in sixth place before he lost a big hand against Ben Lamb. Following this hand, O'Dea is found in all with 88 and is brought out by Martin Staszko a few minutes later. For his performance, he won 1, 7 M$.

Phil Collins (pro poker player and not the singer) is eliminated in 5th place when that he decided to reraiser all-in with A7s against open raise of Heinz. Heinz still once hesitated a second and called with 99. Despite a favorable flop for his hand, Collins saw his chances decline when the turn brought a 9. Finally Phil Collins finished in 5th position and was awarded a cheque of 2. 3 m$. Phil Collins who was already millionaire before winning this award is definitely not his last great performance.

The last player to have eliminated yesterday is Matt Geer who won 3 m$. He received a blow when Ben Lamb suckouter its DD with heart A7. After this hand, Gemini has 3 blinds and must rely on a miracle to advance to the next day. He was out of the tournament a few minutes later.

The action will resume only tomorrow, 17 h 30 time in Vegas and the heads-up finale will be played Wednesday. The 3 remaining scholarships are divided as follows:

Winner: $8 715 638

Runner-up: $5 433 086

Third: 4 021 $138

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