Launch of the 2009 League

Many changes for the League this year. New partner, new formula, but still the least expensive to meet in Las Vegas way!

For the year 2009, our new partner is EVEREST POKER. In addition to being the host of our matches private this year, Everest will have several special promotions for the players who are registered via PokerCollectif. In addition to a $ 500 bonus, players will have access to exclusive rakeraces at PokerCollectif.

The formula for the League will be also different. Rather than offer a single League taking place over the entire year, Everest and PokerCollectif offer you three (3) different leagues: a League of spring starting in March. a summer League freeroll starting in June, then a League of autumn starting in September.

A total of ten games (excluding finals) will be played for each season. It is not necessary to participate in the 10 games to qualify for the final!

For the spring League, we offer the chance to two (2) winners to participate in the World Series of Poker at the Rio Las Vegas in late June (a value of $ 3000 each)

See the following links for more information:

To register, nothing simpler: register your nick PokerCollectif as well as your screenname Everest Poker here:
League Spring 2009 - registration

You can discuss League 2009 on the forum provided for this purpose.

Good poker at all!


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