Duhamel and Negreanu to follow today in the tournament's 10K Razz $

Event #14: Limit Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better ($1,500)

This tournament which concluded yesterday greatly interested us due to the presence of Guillaume Rivet.

Unfortunately, the race of Guillaume is stopped in 23rd position. For his performance, he pockets $ 8,559.

Among other known names, you can see Greg Raymer in 7th position for a scholarship of $ 33,510 and Alex Luneau in 5th position which was awarded a prize of $ 58,769.

And with respect to the winner of the tournament, it's the American Nicholas Kost, who earned $ 283,275. For him, it was his 3rd purse in a tournament and his first bracelet.

#15 event: No-Limit Hold'em 6-max ($3,000)

This tournament us interested by the presence of 2 Quebec: Friend Alibay and Jonathan Duhamel. Unfortunately, none of the two players did not reach the cashes (90).

Today, it is that this 3rd and final day of tournament will be played while it remains more than 15 players in the race. Currently, the tournament is dominated by Heinz Kamutzi (Austria) which has 841,000 tokens.

Note the presence of Phil Hellmuth in 6th position with 491,000 chips in the past.

Event #16: Limit 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball ($1,500)

There are now more than 9 players in this tournament dominated by Tom Franklin American who has 436,000 tokens. All are guaranteed a scholarship of $ 11,698 while they will be the first place that promises $ 124,510.

Event #17: Championship of No-Limit Hold'em seniors ($1,000)

It is 4,425 players over 50 years who took part in this tournament. At this stage, even 486 are still in the race. During the first hours of this tournament today, the bursting of the bubble us attend since only 468 of these players will be paid ($1,752).

The winner meanwhile will deserve $ 627,462.

Event #18: Seven Card Razz ($10,000)

Another tournament perfect for hunters to strap and it is no surprise to see Daniel Negreanu among registrants. In total, 112 players took part in this tournament while it is rest more than 76 players today. Daniel is in a good position with 66,100 chips while the leader has only a little more than twice as much (141,300).

Other players include Jonathan Duhamel in 49th position, which has 30,000 tokens, just in front of Doyle Brunson in 52nd position, which had announced earlier this year via Twitter that he would not participate in the this year, was too old according to his account.

The tournament will continue today. The winner of the tournament will walk away with $ 294,792.

To watch today:

-The #18 in which Duhamel and Negreanu event are still in the race.
-Day 1 of the event #19, a No-Limit Hold'em Tournament ' $ 1,500 in which we can expect to see many québécois.
-Day 1 of the #20, a No-Limit Hold'em shootout event ' $ 3,000, another tournament in which many québécois will be. Good luck to all for this day!

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