A historic Sunday Million with more than 12 M$ in scholarships!

You were numerous yesterday who participated in the historic Sunday Million which guaranteed 10 million dollars in scholarships!

The player who was going to finish at the forefront of this tournament had been promised at least 2 M$. To do this, there must be 50,000 players participating in this tournament because otherwise there would be an overlay (more money guaranteed that input).


Estimates at PokerStars once more were very fair because they have not lost money with their promises. It is finally 62,116 players who are registered to the biggest Sunday Million of the history of PokerStars (which celebrated lately its 10th anniversary). A quick calculation makes us realize that the prize pool for this tournament was of 12. 4 M$.


The gap between the first and second place was huge! The first would win 2 M$ while the runner-up should "settle" for about 1 M$. This is not all the days that you attend a heads up of 1 M$. Finally, as might be expected, while it remained more than 6 players, came to an agreement and the players had to share nearly 5 M$ 6. For an amateur player, good between the awards were too important to ignore an agreement between players. Is finally "First – Eagle" which has won the biggest Award with 1,146,575$ followed by "Unstoffable" who won 580,724 for his 2nd place (but it is "Dimedroll" which won the 2nd biggest stock exchange with 995 K even if he finished fifth).


Other scholarships went as follows:

1 first-Eagle (Canada) $1,146,574

2 Unstoffable (Spain) $580,724

3 BLAABAR (Sweden) $709,896

4 tunafish919 (Australia) $627,317

5 Dimedroll (Russia) $995,996

6 SkunkDen (Australia) $758,986

7 fireballdia (Portugal) $182,406

8 kaalen (Sweden) $119,866

9 yokouno1980 (Israel) $86,512

The last hand played very aggressively. "First-Eagle" is the button with A-3 with spades and "Unstoffable" call the min - raise out-of-position with 2-6 suited in spades (a bad call that will cost him his stack). The flop falls Ts - 8 s-5 and two players are all-in on the flop with a the flush draw. The turn is a 4 c and the River a 4 h (i.e., brick-brick). Person improves his hand and "Fist-Eagle" won the last pot of the tournament with A high.

With more than 12 M$ in scholarships, the Sunday Million 10th anniversary of PokerStars is one of the biggest tournaments in the history of poker and the biggest tournaments online to have never been organized. It exceeds the total of the 2010 WCOOP PokerStars-sponsored scholarships while the total in grants had been 12,215,000$ (where, it should be recalled, "POTTERPOKER" had won 2, $2M).

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