9 June WSOP ' 12 - Phil Hellmuth will be - you it his 12th bracelet?

wsop2012_resultatOne bracelet per year for 3 years for Matt Matros thanks to his performance in No-Limit Hold'em (6max); the French Manuel Bevand widely in head to the Championship of Pot - Limit Hold'em. Phil Hellmuth Jr will again have the chance to win a 12th bracelet thanks to his performance in Razz; Philippe Boucher and Derek Lerner spend day 2 in No-Limit Hold'em. A rather slow start in Limit Hold'em. Here is the summary and the results of June 9 to the WSOP 2012.

Event #16-No - Limit Hold'Em 6 - max-$1500 - Matt Matros wins a bracelet for a 3rd consecutive year...
Nine players were back to access the official final table of six players. Things were less speedy to get there, while as soon as the first level of the day, we were ready to begin this final table.

The first victim of the day was Jonathan Currle. It was all in 4bet with KJo, and ended up against the Pocket ACEs of Matt Matros.

The second victim was Mike 'The mouth' Matusow. Starting in 3rd position at the beginning of the day, he first lost a big pot with QQ against Ramey Shaio AK, to finally be eliminated a few hands later when its AT ended up against the Robert Muzzatti KK.

Then it was the turn of Matt Glantz to leave on another situation of 50: 50. His AK found himself against the QQ - yet - Ramey Shaio, thus returning Glantz at home with a 7th place.

The pace then somewhat slowed, while no player was eliminated for nearly two hours and where very few hands went to showdown. Then, in only six hands, we lost 3 players: first Mark Daniels who found himself all-in with AJs against Matros AKo. then, on the next hand, Robert Muzzatti found himself all-in with AKs against the Matt Matros QQ; Finally, Gordon Vayo who was less unlucky while his AKo ended against the Mark Radoja AKo. Players then expect to split the pot, but a Blackboard flop in spades gave a draw Radoja colour, and the River came complete its circulation, eliminating blow brutally Gordon Vayo.

An hour later, we lose Ramey Shaio in 3rd place, while it has found all in with a small pair of 3 against the Radoja ATs. A 10 on the flop was enough to seal the fate of Shaio.

It was then in an unlikely duel between Matt Matros and Canadian Mark Radoja: both players had departed from the last 2nd and 3rd positions.

Although the Canadian was able to take the lead early in the duel, it was Matt Matros that emerges winner. While Radoja must settle for $ 281 502, Matros won $ 454 835 and becomes the third player only in the past 30 years to win a WSOP bracelet in three consecutive years.

Event #17-Pot - Limit Hold'em Championship ($ 10,000) - French Manuel Bevand widely in head
The action was rather slow today at the Championship of Pot - Limit Hold'em then 69 players were back, looking for a presence on the final table. After 10 levels of play, it finally once the bubble exploded that day has ended, with still 17 players.

Among the remaining 17 players are French Manuel Bevand. Has nearly a million in chips, then as its closest pursuit (Steve Landfish, leader at the start of day) is to less than 600,000.
Today may be exciting, since found Hoyt Corkins (4th position, 416 000 chips), Shaun Deeb (5th - 396,000), Antonio Esfandiari (8th - 303,000), Phil Ivey (11th - 180,000), Matt Marafioti (14th - 145,000) and David Benyamine (16th - 117,000).

Action will therefore resume at 2 p.m. Quebec while a winner should be crowned.

Event #18 - Seven Card Razz $ 2500 - a second chance to bracelet for Phil Hellmuth?
309 listings, we moved on to 136 survivors after a day of competition. yesterday, 136 players were finally reduced to 18.

At the top of list, found Brendan Taylor with 288 500 chips. It will however face a fierce competition while Phil Hellmuth Jr (seeking his 12th bracelet), Barry Greenstein (winner in 2008 for this event), in addition to player pro online Jared Bleznik. Although Greenstein and Bleznick below 100,000 tokens, Hellmuth is, for its part, very close to the head with 287 500 chips.

The players will return at 5 p.m. in Quebec, in order to get their hands on the coveted title.

Event #19-No - Limit Hold'em $1500 - Philippe boucher (PhilLeDingue) and Derek Lerner spend the day 2.
A total of 2302 players attended this event of No-Limit Hold'em at $ 1500. Of course, of many québécois (23) were part of the lot: Armen Afarian, Gabriel Alarie, Marc-Étienne Blais (Marke), Philippe Boucher (PhilLeDingue), Michel Boyer, Erik Cajelais, Olivier Deschamps, Laurence Grondin (Sharon), Jason Hallée (jayggins), Ryan Higgins, Jason Lavallee (BikiniWax), Martin Leclerc, Derek Lerner, Patrice Mauroy, Christopher McClung (D0r1t0s), Marc-Étienne McLaughlin (General Irish), Ioannis Pentefountas, Philippe Plouffe, Charles Poirier, Rodney Ramalho, Christian Rho, Charles Sylvestre and Carl Valente.

The day was fatal for more than 2000 participants. Quebecers will have therefore not escaped, while all have been eliminated except Philippe Boucher (63rd place, 54 200 tokens) and Derek Lerner (180th rank, 25,000 tokens). With 262 players back today, they will have to survive even a few moments to be part of the last 243 survivors to hand over at least $ 2796.

At the end of the day, this is a woman who dominates the lot: Jessica Hanna will therefore begin with some 150,000 chips the day today, while the action will resume at 4 p.m., Quebec.

Event #20 - Limit Hold'Em $ 5000 - Nicholas Derke in mind after a day of competition.
As the Championship of Hold 'Em limit $ 10,000 has been removed from the schedule, tournament Hold'em tournament yesterday' Em limit $ 5000 was the most expensive of the WSOP 2012 for this variant.

A total of 166 players responded to the call, but no Quebec in this batch. There were however a few familiar faces, such as Humberto Brenes, Chad Brown, Annie Duke, Phil Ivey, Erick Lindgren, Jason Mercier, Daniel Negreanu, John Racener, Mark Radoja, along with several others.
After only 8 levels of play, they are a bit more of 100 players (109) to stand for the second day of competition. The leader in chips is currently the American Nicholas Demian.

To watch today:
-Championship Pot-Limit Hold'em where many known players will attempt to win the prestigious bracelet.
-The Razz tournament where Phil Hellmuth Jr. again has the chance to win a 12th bracelet.
-Québécois Philippe Boucher (PhilLeDingue) and Derek Lerner performance at the NLHE tournament.
-The second day of competition at the tournament of Limit Hold'Em, where heads should start to fall quickly.
-Beginning of another event of No-Limit Hold'em (at $ 1,000 this time) where many Quebecers will be present to try their luck.

You can comment on the various tournaments by clicking the following links:
Event #16-No - Limit Hold'em 6 - max-$1500 - a 3rd bracelet in 3 years for Matt Matros.
Event #17-Pot - Limit Hold'Em Championship $ 10,000 - the French Manuel Bevand greatly OHV.
Event #18 - Seven Card Razz $ 2500 - second chance to strap this year for Phil Hellmuth Jr
Event #19-No - Limit Hold'em $ 1500 - Philippe Boucher and Derek Lerner spend the day 2.
Event #20 - Limit Hold'em $ 5000 - Nicholas Derke in mind.


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