The future of poker according to Eric Lynch (Rizen)

Article Eric Lynch (aka Rizen) editorial about what 2009 might book in the world of Poker.
Even if it is only 3 years I play poker in a professional manner (after having started in 2003, at the beginning of the "poker boom") I can say that I've lived and seen many things between 2003 and 2006 (year on which I went pro). Unfortunately for us, over the past years, we have experienced the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), a decrease of interest for poker on television and, more generally, an economic crisis that has not been without affecting the very interesting game of poker.

Now, don't worry not because my article won't handle the 'death of poker' or the decline of the poker. I'm usually not one of those who like to speculate, but no one can deny the fact that poker is in need of expansion, that its growth has slowed. Players are more talented, the means to educate about poker are more and more great and because of the economic crisis, less new players have the money needed to invest in poker.

That being said, everything is not so evil in the world of poker. In 2007, I had already noticed that things changed less quickly in the world of poker and that the number of players became smaller. Many of the events of the World Series of Poker had fewer players than before. Later in 2007 and early 2008, several World Poker Tour event had a field of players smaller than in previous years to front.

This year however, many of the events of the World Series of Poker (including the Main Event) had more players than before, and even if the number of players at the World Poker Tour was not increased, it was similar to that of 2007 (from least for ones I frequented). By against, recently (and this is what has inspired me this article), I went back to the Bellagio in Las Vegas where I played with preliminary events for the Five Diamond Classic for the World Poker Tour and the number of players to $1, 500.-$5,000 was not very large, well more than what I was expecting. In addition, on the tables, I recognize almost no face, which had become rare in recent years in tournaments lives.

I will not make policy here, but I hope that under the Obama administration, there is hope with the UIGEA and it will come back on online poker so that it is not included. I also hope in the economy in general which, I hope, will take the best, which can only be a good thing for poker.

With this in mind and some anecdotal facts of my few trips, I remain much optimistic to the effect that poker will continue to gain in popularity. This renewed for poker will probably not as important as during the "poker boom", but I'm confident a recovery slow but gradual poker. I should also add that coupled with the fact shame to be poker player became smaller, especially since wages of these players have much improved.

I realize that to discuss the poker economy is not a good exciting thing (thank you if you are still reading this article), but the evolution of the poker is important to us all. Although that gives me real pleasure to review friends at a poker table, when I travel, my best moments are encounters with players of poker enthusiasts who have a real passion for the game. Be in the company of such players reminds me why I love so much this game and this revives in me 'spirit' of poker that makes me appreciate even more this game.

I have a very busy year in 2009. My family is building a new home, I will publish a book, and I'll have to sign and subsequently resignation possibly with Ultimate Bet. I am proud of all of these projects and I hope my second book as soon as possible. But these projects will be for me big distractions in 2009 and hopefully still have the mind clear when I am on a poker table for a chance to properly classify me. I shall therefore try to be very careful and very zen when I will play poker. Since I saw the number of players in the preliminaries of the Five Diamond, I am now more optimistic about the future of poker in 2009 that I was this a few months ago.

I do not have clear ideas as much as usual in this article, but in short, I try to say it will be a lot of things that will occur in the upcoming months that give me hope in the future of poker and its evolution. I also had the chance to meet some great people with whom I could share my passion and who also managed to lather my passion for this game.

For the first time since a tip, I am really excited at the idea of travel, play poker and meet new fans who share me their enthusiasm for the game. If you see me in the next year while I'll be out of a tournament, please feel free to come and greet me. I really appreciate to meet new players, especially if they share my love for the good parts!


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