PokerCollectif interview with Julien Delorme alias jaedae

This month features an interview with the star of the hour in our forums, Julien Delorme jaedae alias. Julien went to school in Cheval_PL and is now a big winner on the mid-stakes tables. It stands out for its ultra-aggressive style that should give headaches to his opponents.

Could you tell us about your debut at poker?

The first time I played poker, I was about 16 years. Hockey with my buddies, we had organized a home game. It was a SnG I think, and we were pretty fish at first. I do not even know if it was posting our blinds, to tell you what level we had!

We played for fun than for money.

The first time I played poker for money, it is in a bar next door. The bar organized tournaments every week and at the end of the month, there was a ranking of the best players. This is where I won my first $ 1,000 and there that I started to interest me more poker. At that time, I told myself that I could make money with this game I started to learn the game and I remember having bought the "Green Book" Phil Gordon said that a 4 bet, it was always the ace.

When I was old enough, I filed online and I played 25NL full ring on Full Tilt Poker. I had a pretty nit style (13/9 with about 1% 3bet) and I remember being break even on about 100,000 hands. It was after that that I wanted to get in Cheval_PL to improve my game.

How Cheval_PL changed your game? Could you tell us about your passage there?

I was glad Cheval_PL engages me. When you have the chance to be coached by da_engineer and Irish, you can not miss it; this is the big value. I was competing against several players at my interview, but I still had the job. I learned a lot while in Cheval_PL. Joe (engineer) was the guy math and stats. When I was playing at home, I had a basic HUD (VPIP / PR / AF) and I do not even used all the info. For example, I did not even know how to properly use AF (aggression factor). When I joined Cheval_PL everyone had 1 million HUD stats. I really saw later how it could help me. Joe was also spreadsheets to exploit his opponents, he showed me to use. As I said, Joe, was the strong guy in math and is sure he has improved that side of my poker; it really opened my eyes.

Irish, meanwhile, was the master to analyze the flow of the game and the metagame. It helped me to analyze hands and understand the game

What do you think is your greatest quality poker table? What made ​​you successful to dominate your opponents?

The way I adapt to my opponents and I make them make mistakes. When playing poker, you play against humans who have emotions and can adapt wrong and make mistakes (tilter). For example, I have a style that is very usable, but against which other regular fit poorly. I know that is extremely aggressive, my opponents will make mistakes. I know that to be 3better again and again will end the tilter and let them make mistakes. It is not machines that will always play GTO is capable of human tilter.

Other regular on my table will play solid poker and make some mistakes, but against this style of my hand, I will not make many mistakes. But conversely, my style will make them uncomfortable and make them do a lot of mistakes. I will say that the regular 30 against which I play every day, there are only 2 or 3 that fit well. One in particular that I respect, but in general, other regular make many mistakes against me.

I know the regular and I know how they react. I know for example that if I 3bet the same regular for the fourth time in a short time, he will make a nonsense and I know that this time in particular, I can not light the 3better. In this particular situation, I always have a hand when I make this game because I know how he will react.

The worst thing is that if these regular studying my game thoroughly, they could really use me because my style is really exploitable, but since they do not, I'm over them. Obviously, if I see a regular fits my game, I will rehabilitate me, but for now, as I said, very few players fit my style.

Your aggressive style seems to be quite high variance. How do you deal with very bad times? Are you someone zen in times of bad run?

At first when I started playing, I was really bad with this aspect of the game, but with time, I've worked hard my mental game. Tilter is really unnecessary and bad for his game. Everyone knows it and you just believe and realize. When did you really understand that, I think you can be more zen with poker.

Speaking mental game, I'll tell you an anecdote. There are about 2 or 3 years, I played the $ 2 / $ 4 deep and $ 3 / $ 6 deep and I really had a very bad day. I did a session of about 16 hours and I think I lost $ 12,000 in my session. After I returned home rollerblade 5 am and I must tell you that it was a really bad feeling. I think it was the worst feeling of my poker career.

It's not all me tilt poker. I can live with suckouts. I will not knock on my desk for it. What really tilt me ​​is when another player that I consider worse than me wins constantly. The player in question gets all hands me and God mode without stopping. That's really something that tilt me. For the rest, I think I can live well with.

Could you tell us about your poker goals next medium term? What would you improve in your game?

I would love to work with my game software like   and learn a little more about the GTO (Game Theory Optimal) appearance. I think this is the future of poker and I really want it to work. I do not think play style GTO today would be better for me now because I make more money by using a readable style, but maybe in a few years it will be the most profitable style. If you want to ride limits and continue to evolve, you do not have the choice to improve this aspect of your game.

I also play some live tournaments and improve my game Tournament 20bb deep. I am a regular deep games, but when I play tournaments and I'm shortstack, this is not my strength and I could work it.

You specialize in cash games, but do you play tournaments times? Will you go to the WSOP 2014?

Yes! finally, you will see me at the WSOP 2014. I was there last year and I made a couple of tournaments. I busted everywhere obviously, but it is clear that I want to do it again this year. I love the WSOP tournaments. Size is very low, but the variance is high. There is also a good chance for me to make the main event.

Could you tell us one or two good stories involving poker players?

I really have a lot to tell, but I'm not sure it's a good idea that I tell all and many are just not relatable. I'm going to tell you in a soft.

Last year, I was with MaxChart and Nobrah to Vegas and walking close to the Strip.

Ground, MaxChart found a bag and opens it. Inside, there was approximately $ 10,000 in banknotes. A few seconds later, an Asian gentleman running after us and said that it was his bag. MaxChart immediately gave him and the gentleman out a range of $ 100 from his pockets and remits one to thank. Later MaxChart look on the Internet and discovered that the bag in question was worth about $ 13,000.

Is that there was a "Ah-ha" in your career? In other words, when you understood something poker and that really changed and improved your game?

No, not really. Apart Cheval_PL who taught me everything, but otherwise, I'd say it's gradual elements over time.

You rubbed MaxChart every day for a long time. How is it daily? Could you tell us about him?

First, I must say that MaxChart is probably the funniest thing I've ever met in my life person. It is the opposite of me. I'm more of a "loose" kind and relaxed. MaxChart is nit life say. He listens to his little game of hockey night drinking his Coke and did not sleep too late.

MaxChart is also the person that I know who I'd trust most in the world. I think it is extremely honest and reliable.

How do you see the future of poker in say 5 years? And you, you still will play poker?

I'm an optimistic guy so I see a bright future for poker. I think in five years, the United States and China will mingle with the rest of the world and there will be a second poker boom. I'm not sure it'll happen, but I remain optimistic.

I love poker and I want to continue to play. I know there are several grinder who lost the desire to play after a few years, but I still love it so much.

It is clear that in 5 years, I'll still play poker for real and I hope there will be a second boom.

Even though I love poker, I still try to diversify my business. I took some courses at the university recently and I liked it. I have not been able to continue this session, but I would like them back.

and its members would like to thank jaedea for taking the time to answer his questions. You can discuss this interview on our forums: Interview with Julien Delorme alias jaedae

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