Interview with Marc-André Ladouceur and Linda Huard by Laurent100%

As part of his first interview to PokerCollectif Laurent 100% meeting the professional player Marc-André Ladouceur in the company of the charming amateur player Linda Huard.


In a nutshell, if you were to present you with a twist, what would you say?

MA: I am a former tennis player and bar owner, who turned into "Internet poker kid" there 4 years. I'm also a big fan of hockey and our Canadians. I lived 7 years in North Carolina and I'm definitely more a fan of the beach in hot countries than our Quebec winters.

Linda: You always told me: "She's one of the guys!" Even today, at the poker tables, guys often tell me: "Yes, but with Linda, this is not the same: it plays like a guy"

When did you start playing poker and where?

MA: It is none other than the great "Chilax Chuck" who introduced me to poker ( Charles-Alexandre Sylvestre ) when he invited me to his "home game" in the summer of 2005, while j 'was on holiday in Montreal. As everyone present, I did anything, but it made ​​me want to start my own home game in North Carolina, that I made ​​the following autumn. They met once a week for 1 play 1 or 2 cash games with friends from school. I finished college in 2006 and I put up the night club, but I always kept the home game. I ran into Mike Brooks (MeleaB on PokerStars), a Supernova Elite, playing 24 tables at once a night club in early 2009. He showed me what he did and it made ​​me feel immediately interested. Finally, I left Carolina in early 2010 to return to Quebec and begin playing online full time.

Linda: I started there in it about 8 years Billard "The Devil" in Longueuil. I was playing $ 20 tournaments with about 100 players per night. It was good times! It's really from where I got the bug!

linda and Marc-André What is your favorite poker hand?

MA: I'm not very superstitious, but I'll go with J-9 suited.

Linda: Nothing in particular, it depends on my position, but I particularly like AA.

What is your greatest achievement in your personal life?

MA: I went to the University of North Carolina at 19 years with a scholarship to play tennis at the American circuit and double degree in finance and international business. I spoke very little English when I started, so it has been a really fun experience for me and my friends there.

Linda: Probably have managed to build and keep my financial independence.

And your greatest success in the poker world?

MA: This is probably beating the online limits on PokerStars 1-2 to 10-20 and 25-50 heading into the space of a year and a half. There are also some live results, as my results in the WSOP Main Event in 2011 and 2012, the title of IPT High Roller in Italy and several second places on the European circuit.

EntrevuePhotoMarc-Andre Ladouceur-

Linda: Definitely my recent success of winning the tournament 3rd birthday Playground, but more personal, the tournament at the Mirage last year.

Aside from poker, what are you doing in life? Do you participate in sports? What are your other interests?

MA: I've spent the last few years especially traveling, especially for poker for fun. I keep myself busy by investing in different projects and I always have a bar in North Carolina.

Linda: I did a lot of sports all my life, but now physically I'm pretty mortgaged. So my other occupations are work, work and work!

If you could change something in the world, what would you change and why?

MA: It is a question quite difficult, but I would eliminate wars based on religion. Poker level, I redonnerais all the money stolen by Russ Hamilton and Howard Lederer.

Linda: I would change the side of the people who always see everything negatively. They have no idea of their domestic capacity and the impact on their lives, their communities and the planet!

If you donate to a charity, which would you choose and why?

MA: I would give to an organization to help those struggling with drug problems, alcohol and gambling

Linda: The Ekuus Foundation . It is a charitable non-profit that helps adolescent victims of sexual assault.

What is your favorite restaurant? Why?

MA: I'm not a great cook, so I control Sandhu four to six times a week. If you have been to me, there are great chances that I tried to let you try. I'm also a big fan of the Cage aux Sports Centre Bell of Crêperie du Vieux-Beloeil and Steakhouse at Circus Circus .

Linda: The Novello and has been for several years. For the excellent service, extraordinary leaders, atmosphere, wine and especially for my good friend Sebastian Soares.

Do you know PokerCollectif? Can you tell me a little?

MA: I've never been active on any forum, but I know PokerCollectif has greatly contributed to the success of Quebecers over the years. This is a beautiful platform to discuss and help each other. Several players in Quebec refer, to each other by their nicknames of this site.

Linda: I know PokerCollectif only for some time. I love their commitment and above all relevant information found there.

Marc-André, do you consider that there has been a turning point in your career as a poker player? If yes, can you tell me?

MA: The 2012 WSOP live, I finished 13th. There were also the years when I lived with Pascal Lefrancois in which my game has gone to another level.

Specifically, what does it mean for you to be part of Team PokerStars Pro online?

MA: It is an honor for me to be part of this team. Jonathan Duhamel is already a good job of promoting for them and is a great representative, so I'm really happy to work with them. I am honored that they have given a second chance to represent Quebecers. I already played a lot on PokerStars and I was SuperNovaElite. My job is to continue to be and participate in some tournaments and events.

Be Quebec on ​​the international scene, is how? Is that him?

Ma: Yes, that's fine and we saw a beautiful bunch of Quebecers.

And you, Linda, what do you do poker and why do you like this game?

Linda: I love poker, it is a passion for me, a nice hobby. Poker allows me to meet people and socialize. I got a lot of friends since, because everyone likes to play poker. This really is one where strategy and reflection are in high demand in addition to any adrenaline extraordinary game! Several focus on the negative side of poker, like what it's gambling ... but it's primarily a game that can be played in fun, free obsession! This is not just a matter of money! Well, there unfortunately some players who play and lose more money than their means, but I think it is a minority.

Would you like to make career?

Linda: Yes, of course, anytime! I'm ready!

And in the meantime, where can you pass?

Linda: My place to play poker, it's really the Playground. Everything is well thought out, the events are well organized, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. When I entered the Playground, I feel at home.

Laurent-linda-marc-andre Finally, how do you see yourself in 15 years in your personal life and your poker?

MA: Poker will always be part of me. I'll play as long as I have fun and as it will be worth it. In 15 years, I'll probably still play it. But there is no poker in life and that I would probably get along with other projects. I would also like to start a family in the future.

Linda: In 15 years, is retired and have fun! Is poker will pick this up? Yes, I enligne for it. I'm not a fan of online poker, because I much prefer live poker for the social aspect. So I would like the opportunity to participate in several tournaments LIVE and not just in Quebec. Make circuits on the international scene also allow me to travel. And ending, you tell me 15 years, but I think it will be 10 years for me!

Thank you to Linda and Marc-André for granting us this interview. You can discuss this interview on the forum PokerCollectif: Interview Laurent100% with Marc-André Ladouceur and Linda Huard

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