Interview with Martin "Eat moué behind the" Giguère, aka Giggy

This month, interview with another member who has a sharp tongue. Martin is well known on the forums PokerCollectif to have risen through the ranks at the speed V. It has long been one of the biggest winners of the NL400 on Full Tilt Poker. It is now colored coach at BlueFire Poker in addition to being a player become gold.



1. Even if you're not unfamiliar on forum, would you two words of introduction about yourself?

I'm Martin Fournier-Giguère, 23, originally from Rimouski, I now live in Quebec and I play poker for a good 4 years. My usual game is 5/10 - 10/20, with a few shots at 25/50 and some tournaments through everything. I also coach, including the site of Phil Galfond for a year and a half. I like going out with friends, sunsets and chocolate.

2. What difference do you see between good winning cash games in 2010 and 2007 winners good example?

In 2007, someone could have great success by doing that applying a kind of "recipe" often designed by others. Since the evolution of the game, all the great players I know today have in common is they think of themselves, deeply understand the strategy and are able to analyze a hand or a situation so solid and honest with themselves. They are mainly able to think "outside the box" and among other things constantly adapt to other players, because the limits of what can beat a game "learned" and unimaginative are reached much more quickly in 2010.

Poker has evolved so much strategic side and the fishs are much less likely than winning mid-Highstakes would have taken a break since 2007 today would fall to a level of about NL100 or NL200. This is why it is extremely important to remain humble and constantly work to improve.

3. How do you work on your game? Do you have any routines? Sometimes you doubt of it?

Personally, I never studied much my poker outside of my hours of play My early learning is greatly increased by the forums, but for perhaps two years. the bulk of my work on it is at the same time I play, taking time to think and analyze more advanced than I encounter hands or "spots". I also talk a lot with other friends as good and / or better than me. I am fortunate to be surrounded by players as part of the global elite as Philippe D'Auteuil and Antoine Bérubé among others, and I am sure that these two friends in particular have saved me incredible hours on my own game. So next routine is rather quiet, say that when I think of new ideas or when I'm dead drunk and I like talking poker I will seek the help of these friends.

4. I've seen you play on tables NL1000, NL2000 with several regular bills. If you play these decent regular is that you think you have an advantage over them. According to you, without revealing your secrets, what is the quality you have and that these players do not?

In fact, it may happen that I sit at a regular table excellent without even thinking that I have a edge on them. I firmly believe that this is something very important to do from time to time to continue to improve, especially when trying to mount limits. In terms of my regular games or tables say 5-10 or 10-20 "standard" with "standard" regular, I think it's just all in my game that gives me a advantage over them, the fact that I usually take the best decision they. A common problem I see with players who have a hard time advancing is that they are trying to find answers miracles or magic skills that will propel ultra fast. The fact is that you can never do too much neglected aspect of your game if you want to stay competitive at a high level, you just have to develop your poker brain. It is certain that every person has their strengths and weaknesses, but you must learn to develop and use them all properly.

Personally, my "handreading" my ability to be aggressive and put a lot of pressure are my points say more natural, and I would say that my confidence in myself and my ability to remain humble before better players and give me the tools to learn from them are the qualities that have helped me the most.

Do you have a healthy life as a poker pro 5.? On a poker table you need your whole head and being tired, hungry, being stressed or have a headache can affect your game. Do you have rules about that?

I rather work especially on this side. I've never had anything that could possibly have looked like a schedule and I do not really think I'm an example to follow. I play when I want, and especially I tend to play very long sessions when I'll start. I have to focus so much attention on poker I have trouble mixing it in my daily activities, so that I can go weeks without playing and the next week I can play 50,000 hands. Basically, I feel like I'm at my best when I'm focused poker and this "method" is one that allows me to accumulate more volume. It is certain that I play less at the end of a session of 15 hours at the beginning, for example, but once gone, I feel the need to just play as much as possible (or, of course, me again) . My chronic inability to leave a session down is probably what made ​​me play more hands in life, luckily I also have the ability to play my best poker when I'm stuck and my concentration doubles. But as I said I am certainly not an example of this side, and play sports and eat his vegetables are probably the best ways to play his A-game as often as possible.

Side rules, I try not to play naked.

6. You already make a lot of money playing poker. Why did you agree to be coach for BlueFire ?

I would say for the challenge it presented, because I had the taste and also to change the routine. I discovered that I liked video production and coaching, besides it gives me visibility that might be useful to me one day sponsorer if the opportunity arises.

Speaking of coaches 7., Do you think the coaches you see on BlueFire , Cardrunners Leggo, etc are 100% honest and have integrity? Many coaches would not want to teach a small part of their knowledge. After all, why make the best competition?

I have a lot of misery to speak for other sites that BlueFire , because I hardly ever listened video strategies. This is something that I regret in my progression, because they are in my opinion probably the most effective way to quickly learn and grow as a player.

That said, I know that the coaches BlueFire , all of whom I consider friends, are absolutely honest and coachent because they love it. I doubt any of those that I know were refraining in any way whatsoever, mainly because it is really fun and satisfying to learn new concepts in the world that really help. This is exactly the feeling that virtually every teacher research when choosing to teach. It is quite possible that in against the huge pool of poker coaches, some do it only for the money and not really worth it. I think it is he who hears the videos to make choices, and I have to say that my someone who is not able to recognize a scammer probably has not a great poker career before him . Here's another good reason to always retain the ability to think for oneself, to put things in perspective with his own game and never fall into cowardice and "easy".

8. If you could be as handsome a member PokerCollectif, which would it be?

I would run the Jonathan Duhamel, the skills Antoine Bérubé, the shape of François Billard (like the game) jumpsuit Glover, legs Caz, the voice of MathP the humor Lexiboy, sweater Blue takechip, arrogance MuckDude, responses Plux, the intelligence of Gazou and the mouth of François Binette.

9. If you were to replace Jonathan Duhamel and you was finishing first in November, would you take your Retreat? If yes, what would you do?

Probably not a final plan. I certainly grinderais almost never, but I would play high stakes and big live tournaments when I want. I would try to invite me to all games, go have fun at Bobby's Room and can play the biggest tournaments.

Outside of poker, I still would put more time on my golf and I would work more to reach my goal of becoming one of the best amateur players in the Province.

Thank you!

PS A big thank you to Martin for his time.

You can discuss this interview in the following link: Interview with DrGiggy

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