The best player on the planet poker

The title of this article is obviously not serious. Can probably say that a man is the strongest man in the world, another is the largest in the world, but not that a guitar or a player player poker is the best of the world. Anyway, there is is not the purpose of the article.

The article follows rather the release of a video enough intriguing in which can be seen between other Daniel Negreanu. I'll let you take a look before reading.


If Phil Ivey is regarded as the "poker King", Chris Olaasfson (whose name should you be a lot less familie) is is self-proclaimed last Thursday, "The God of poker", nothing less. Formerly, it was known for being the youngest Swedish for completing the game Sonic The Hedgehog for the Sega Genesis without losing a life.

If we speak today is that currently runs on its site ( /) a countdown which will lead us to August 15, date on which "The God of poker" should reveal his science in a revolutionary system (it seems). The system is called "Up Your Ante" and subtitled "The Revolutionary Poker Training System" (the revolutionary poker training system). Chris has everything set up for live interest. It is surrounded by several faces known in the poker world to enhance its system.

Arnaud Mattern (champion of the EPT Prague 2007) said: "He made Phil Ivey his bitch". Would it be the man who sleep in the shade of the largest? Is the coach of the great Phil Ivey?

Charlie Peoples did run the rumor that several internationally known poker players had a great admiration for the legend that was Olaafson. East - this based?

You're probably not sure what will look like its "revolutionary system". You are not sure if it is a joke or not. Will have to wait for the countdown to find out.

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