People who changed the History of Football

In any sport, some figures always manage to stand out. This is despite the fact that the sport is played by millions worldwide; there are those names that will always appear. So much that even their rivals have to agree that they have managed to change the history of the sport, as we know it. That is why today, we are looking at a few individuals whose presence managed to totally change the history of football, as we know it.


One cannot mention people who changed the history of football and leave out Pele. According to south african online casinos, it is like mentioning online casino games but leaving out the real money rewards. One is incomplete without the other. The Brazilian soccer star managed to stand out in a sport played by thousands. He even claimed the title “The King of Football”. This was all because of his electric energy and skills that no one could even come close to.

Jean-Marc Bosman

Being a football history maker goes beyond your work in the field as was proved by Jean-Marc Bosman. It was because of this man that the player-club relationships were changed. He took his team to court as they had charged an exuberant transfer fee. Due to this, Bosman was caught in between a rock a hard place. He eventually opted to go the court way and the ruling was made in his favor. After which, the player-club relationships were changed forever.

Jimmy Hill

Have you ever wondered why footballers get so much money? It was due to the work of this man, Jimmy Hill. Hill was the advocate for the abolishment of the £20 maximum player wage on sports betting online. Furthermore, he was also the architect of the 3 points per win.

These are but a few of the people who changed football history, as we know it. Till today, we are still grateful for the changes that they made as they managed to make the sport into a better one.