PokerCollectif has had a makeover!

You may have noticed, but the homepage of PokerCollectif has had a makeover this morning! The goal is to make the navigation more user-friendly site possible!

At the top of the page (after the tabs), you'll get the news the most important of the week! You can then scroll through the news by publication date! You will have to click as before; articles perfoming to "Infinity" to follow your mouse wheel.

On the right, you will see the latest strategy articles and interviews. A better implementation of social media as well as an improvement of navigation are also the venue. Finally, the video section is more user-friendly and offers more than a hundred videos of our members.

We hope that this new presentation of our site you like! If you have any comments or suggestions to us, do not hesitate!

You can post them in the thread associated with this news: PokerCollectif is a makeover!


Poker Strategy

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