Poker is a game of skills in Colorado

A criminal case in Colorado gave reason to the defendant and to all those who see poker as a game of skill more that as a simple game of chance, in the case of The case of Colorado v. Kevin Raley.

The case began after 30 patrons have been take to Rafferty's Bar in Greely Colorado to play poker with each other and on the Internet. "Professional gambling" charges brought against Raley and four other people including dealers and organizers portions.

The case received significant assistance from the 'Poker Players Alliance' who presented evidence to the effect that poker is a game of skill and fitness more than a game of chance and that it should therefore not be considered as a "money game" under the law of the State of Colorado. Lawyer Todd Taylor has presented testimony and evidence by the University of Denver, statistics Professor Robert Hannum to the effect that poker requires a high level of skills, as well as other elements that led the jury to wear a green not guilty.

Raley, a member of the Poker Player Alliance, wanted to thank the Organization for its assistance in this matter. In addition to having brought evidence and statistics to the effect that poker is a game of skill in this folder, it has cleared up act poker leagues that could be held in the bar in Colorado.


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