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Year of birth: 1985 (1986?)
Nationality: United States
Pseudonym online: hazards21
Twitter: n/a
-4th place at an event in Pot-Limit Omaha ($ 1500) in 2009 at the WSOP for $ 66 544
-35th place in the WPT Championship in 2006 ($ 65,000)
-2nd place at the 500 Sunday on PokerStars ($ 66,500)
-Final table of the main event of the WSOP 2011

Matt Gemini embarked on poker in 2006. Originally from Texas, he eventually moved to Las Vegas to become a pro gamer full time.
Before its results at the main event of the WSOP in 2011, Matt had about $ 500,000 in gain tournament, including 8 paid seats to the WSOP. He also illustrated a few times on PokerStars.

Matt Giannetti also became known in 2007 for a prop bet he did in 2007 at a WPT event. Matt Giannetti was passr 12 consecutive hours in a pool with his clothes for $ 15,000.  Quickly, the players began to make side bets on its chances of success. Gemini will be confounded skeptics, from midnight to noon in the pool, winning the agreement!

In 2011, Matt Giannetti is qualified as one of the november niner in the w main even of the WSOP.


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