"SennaBoris79": 27 to 193,070$ $0

Several things will influence the winrate of a player. Making a good "table selection" is one. If, for example, you Ignat "0Human0" Liviu at your table and other similar players, you are perhaps not the most gifted to choose your tables.

And you're still less smart if you don't have the bankroll needed to assume the swings of this limit nor the skills necessary to pull your own face such competition.

It is the rookie mistake made by the Russian "SennaBoris79" (call the Boris for the rest of things) on the tables of PokerStars.com.

Boris is a small limits. On January 28, he enrolled at a $ 27 satellite tournament. Things are going well for him and he won entry into the tournament to $ 700 of the Turbo Championship of Online Poker (TCOOP) that took place on PokerStars.com lately. Things are going very well for Boris in his tournament and he went on the final table.

When there are more than 7 players, an agreement is made between players and Boris key $ 193,070 for its 7th position. Not bad for a player of small limits! But the story's not stop there.

Instead remain disciplined and climb the ranks slowly, Boris decided to try his luck at the highstakes (on the tables of $ 50 / $100). No need to be Nostradamus to guess the rest of the things.

As of January 31, Boris had lost $ 156,405 according to HighStakesDB. Stubborn, Boris went on to play another 2 days to, this time, win a little over $ 68,000. Finally, Boris played a few hundred hands and lost a large portion (if not all) of its profits from the old, to the delight of "hateAll686" and "JustForFun82" who won huge pots against him.

It cannot be improvised player of the overnight highstakes! Hope for him that he was ready to face that eventuality. Its graph will definitely be Russian mountain air. It is unfortunately not the first nor the last to this rookie mistake!

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