RUMORS - 17 years... and it changes $ 2 500 k $ on PokerStars

The situation was initially enough to dream. Zeurrr, a Dutch player, qualified for theSunday Million '5th anniversary' special edition Sunday last thanks to a simple $ 2... and he was able to change this $ 2 in half a million dollars!

The story was interesting to the point where one of the biggest newspapers of Netherlands, the "Algemeen Dagblad", attempted to get in touch with the player, a certain Jimmy Jonker. This young player was involved in various forums under the alias "Jiminho3", and also ended his message by "Greetz, Jimmy". But when the reporter contacted the young man to congratulate him on his achievement, it is rather a man of 47 years, Jos Jonker, who purported to be the winner of the 6th place in the Sunday Million. There was not more to raise suspicions, and the journalist survey shows that young Jimmy was, in fact, 17 years old.

On his Twitter, the information have been changed (the property of Twitter is passed Jimmy Jonker to Jos Jonkey) and Tweets have all disappeared. Jos Jonker, the father, chose not to give details on how this tournament was held at which it lend have himself, and not his son, participated.

According to the terms and conditions of PokerStars, player funds be forfeited where a player gives false information on his account.

Funny also for those who have not followed this Sunday Million historical fact: this same "zeurrr" found himself on the final table. players then tried to make an agreement concerning the prize pool, but the agreement was delayed by Zeurrr who didn't receive $ 500,000, but rather $ 650,000. It was yet-$5 to life on his sharkscope, with a buy-in means of $ 3. The people refused, he then tried to have $ 600,000, and barely a minute later, he merely the initial agreement $ 518 402.33.

You can discuss this new on the forum by clicking the following link: A minor wins over half a million in a tournament of the Sunday Million on PokerStars

Here is a picture taken of the Twitter of young Jimmy Jonker... before and after the name change!




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