Isildur1 might have to pay 149 million in taxes

isildur.jpgIsildur1. He is still talking about him today. As we all know, Viktor Blom has long concealed that he was the player behind Isildur1 and one understands better why to this day. It is that, according to estimates, the Swedish taxman (named Skatteverket) might want to tax it 149 million $. One hundred forty-nine thousand, not well million. This is at least the figure advanced by Dagens Industri (a Swedish newspaper specializing in financial news).

The sum that may seem completely ridiculous at first reading is "justified" by the fact that the players of poker pros residents in Sweden and who play on sites based outside the European Union are subject to a tax of 30% on each earned pot. Let's say that you almost need a superuser account to make it profitable to play on these sites. An investigation was already opened to determine the exact sum that Viktor Blom will have to pay.

Knowing that he has already played 392,331 hands only on Full Tilt Poker, guess how many pots will be taxed.

Under Swedish legislation, Viktor Blom had an obligation to declare his earnings made on online sites unless they are based in Europe or Sweden. I do not know how this calculation has been done, but it seems almost impossible to come up with a serious figure. Its losses are tax deductible? The story does not say.


Blom has recently moved to London where his poker income is not taxable. For many months, the press has also speculated on the assumption that the famous Isildur1 was hiding his identity to escape taxes in Sweden. Say that this hypothesis is plausible. But, on the face of such facts, one wonders if his contract with PokerStars really is EV +. Why he finally decided to reveal his identity to be heading to view PokerStars? Perhaps had he not idea the conduct that the story would take.

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