Help Nanonoko to register in the Guinness at the PCA

A PokerStars VIP Manager on Twoplustwo posting under the name of PokerStars Caleb request your help on the forums!



At the next PCA (PokerStars Caribbean Adventure), Randy "nanonoko" Lew will attempt to break a record of the world connected to poker. To date, the record is still unknown and it is the members of the forums that will find him.
The record should preferably have a link with online poker even if a live poker record could be considered. In addition, the record must be easy to understand for the general public (people who know only very little Poker).

The last record, Elky had done was, apparently, too difficult to understand for the general public. Elky had managed to play 62 sit & go in 60 minutes while making a profit. If you look in the Guinness record book, we see only "More large number of sit & go played in an hour". The difference is still big enough since anyone could play more sit & go that 62 if the benefit is not required into account.

Examples of challenges that you can suggest to Randy are the following:

-Most table of cash games played in a certain number of time while remaining profitable
-Most stimulus in a period of time.

The best idea will be awarded an entry for next Sunday Million (next Sunday) then the scholarships total will be at least 10 million dollars ($ 215 value).

You can post your suggestions here: Record Guinness Nanonoko PCA

Several suggestions have already been made such as "the more hands played in 24 hours", "the most hands played for an hour without looking at maps and ending positive", "the more hands played by making the apartment bike", "most hands played in 24 hours listening to Justin Bieber and be positive", "the more hands played under water"...In short, your imagination is the limit of what you can suggest to him.

Please note in closing you will be banned temporarily from the forum if you make suggestions to sexual connotations or you go write of the nonsense.

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