Criminal charges for suggesting a lucky number to a player

Weird story. Robert "Rudy" Valle, a former dealer at the Meadows Casino (Washington, Pennsylvania) of 56 years, currently faces criminal charges for having suggested a lucky number at a roulette player.

The dealer told the player that his lucky number was 4 and that he should play it.

According to Valle and his colleagues at work, this kind of comment is absolutely not a way any cheat, but the customer service. This is a normal conversation between a dealer and a player of roulette in a casino.

It is impossible to predict in advance the figure that the roulette will and therefore, there is no way to cheat.

There where the history is complicated a bit is that people have heard the dealer said that he would attempt to aim around 4 If the player was on the 4. In any case, no serious expert cannot assert that using such a "technique", increased the chances of getting a 4.

Do you think that it is possible to influence the outcome of a roulette? If roulette is prescribed, it is virtually impossible to be cheating.

And if the client instructs the dealer: "What is your lucky number?" is what the dealer is supposed to respond?

The 56-year-old man was innocent and feared losing its license to work in the casinos. A fundraiser is currently in court to raise funds to pay for his defense.

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