An overlay of more than $250K on PokerStars Sunday

Last Sunday, the Sunday warm-up ($200 + $15) has attracted 1204 players for a total prizepool of $ 240,800. The problem is that the tournament guaranteed $ 500,000, which has created an overlay of more than $260K! It is not every day that PokerStars is undergoing a big overlay. Is it so what happened?

There was a technical problem that has made sure late registrations could not have League.

Poker Fuse reports the words of a spokesperson at PokerStars: "PokerStars apologizes for the lack of late in Sunday warm-up period. It was a technical problem independent of our will. ». Registered players probably did not have difficulty in accepting this apology!

You should know that once the records are closed, PokerStars can no longer reopen them.

What makes us aware of the importance of the late in tournaments. Should we deduce that poker players are overwhelmingly people of last minute?

Even if PokerStars had to pay the overlay of more than 250K, she still enjoy good publicity because obviously, this new a lot is chatting in the poker world.

It is reassuring to see that PokerStars does not hesitate to keep its promises.

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