A man tries to steal 100 M$ in a casino

Rafael Rubinov, a New Yorker of 44 years, is certainly not the smartest thief in history.

The man came to the Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut to steal 100 M$, nothing less. He's strategy? Go see the Manager and threaten to kill him, quite simply.

He therefore threatened to kill the Director of the casino if the Director cannot transfert the sum in his checking account (the man even took the time to clarify the details).

He then gave the Director an envelope and a USB key.

Moreover, if it did not give him the money, the man in question threatened to reveal "all the secrets of the casino". According to him, all the machines are controlled by computers in a Department "top secret created in an experimental institution with unlimited possibilities". We are not going to comment on this last sentence because we don't understand anyway.

Fortunately for the casino, no secret was revealed and everything ended without further harm.

The man was subsequently arrested. Obviously, it will need very special care.

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