WSOP ' 12 - Summary of May 31, 2012

wsop2012_resultatVictory of Leif Force to the event #3; A sweet revenge for Cory Zeidman at the #4 event. the possibility of Daniel Negreanu bracelet in the event #5; a speedy exit for Quebecers to the event #6; three Quebecers spend the day #2 to the #7 event. Here is the summary and the results of May 31 WSOP 2012.

Event #3 - tournament HeadsUp NLHE/PLO $ 3000: first braclet for Leif Force.

The eight players were back for the quarter-finals. Jason Koon faced Annette Obrestad, Simeon Naydenov faced David Benefield, Julian Powell faced Gregg Merkow and Leif Force faced Andy Frankenberger. Koon, Naydenov, Force and Powell have each had the upper hand on their opponent.

Thus, the semi-finals resulted in a confrontation between Jason Koon and Simeon Naydenov while Force faced Powell; Force and Koon were able to reach the finals.

The final was the most expeditious: barely four levels. From the outset, Force took a comfortable lead and never had to look behind him. He won his first bracelet at the WSOP as well as more than $ 200,000.

Event #4 - Seven Card Stud Hi-Low 8 - or - better $ 1500: sweet revenge for Cory Zeidman.

Could be expected to action on this last day of this event, while many faces alors que de nombreux visages connus known were part of the survivors. Eyes were first on Mike Sexton, who had finished 2nd last year at the same event. This time, he had to settle for 15th place.

After some eliminations, the final table began Finally, while Cory Zeidman was the leader in chips. Last year, at the same event, Zeidman had also reached the final table by being the leader in chips. Unfortunately for him, it was tilted in 6th. Zeidman thus had a unique opportunity to rewrite his own history page... and he can say mission accomplished! After a duel between him and Chris Bjorin, he was able to triumph over his opponent and pocketing$ 201 559 and his first WSOP bracelet.

Here is the ranking of the players who have reached the final table:
1 Cory Zeidman - $201,559
2nd Chris Bjorin - $124,838
3rd Brandon Shack-Harris - $84,415
4th Yarron Bendor - $58,518
5th Michael Mizrachi - $41,447
6th Xuan Liu - $29,985
7th Todd Brunson - $22,142
8th Bonnie Rossi - $16,684

Event #5 – Pot - Limit Hold'em $ 1500: A bracelet for Daniel Negreanu?

71 players were back for this second day of Pot-Limit Hold'Em. The day began quickly: while Antonio Esfandiari started the day in strong (virtually on par as chipleader) position, his tournament ended abruptly as he was eliminated in 44th place ($4011). Terrence Chan (38th), John Juanda (18th), Nam (16th) and Steve Brecher (12th) are also part of the well-known faces who have not been able to survive this second day.

Daniel Negreanu, out of 8th place at the beginning of day, has been able not only to survive, but also to improve its lot. He now finds himself in the sixth.

9 players left and the final table will resume today. It goes without saying that the eyes will be on Daniel Negreanu, who will try to get their hands on his fifth WSOP bracelet. So that her last Negreanu bracelet dates back in 2008, can be expected that Negreanu do everything in its power to put an end to this scarcity.

Players will start the final table with the following stack:
Bryan Pellegrino: 790 000
Jonathan Aguiar: 552 000
Keanu Tamzin: 309,000
Nick Jivkov: 281 000
Tommy Vedes: 247 000
Daniel Negreanu: 212 000
Brant Hale: 211 000
John Eames: 181 000
Mike Allis: 86 000

The winner will not only on a WSOP bracelet, but also hand on the sum of $ 189.

Event #6 – No - Limit Hold'Em Mixed Max $ 5000: no chance for Quebec!

409 participants for this tournament to Hold'em no limit Mixed Max, where players compete first in format 'full ring' (10 players) for the first day of hostilities. The Quebec delegation was rather discreet, while only Jonathan Duhamel, Erik Cajelais and Ioannis Pentefounas were present to represent Quebecers. They have also made that pass, while none of them was able to survive this first day.

After a day of hostility, it remains a little more than one-quarter of the participants. While only 8 of them have reached the cap of 100,000 tokens (including Canadian Gavin Smith), one of them, Joe Tehan, stands the lot with 219 200 tokens.

Daniel Negreanu has also played this tournament away from race, since he played also with the #5 event. Nevertheless, he was able to survive this first day. As he finds himself on the final table to the #5 event, probably will not return to this tournament ci...

The action will therefore resume today, while the tournament will now take place in format shorthanded (six-max)

Event #7 - Seven-Card Stud $ 1500: Gylbert Drolet in 17th position.
Already the second event in Seven Card Stud, the 2012 edition. This time, 367 players have responded to the call. Quebecers were in greater numbers in this tournament, while six of them were present: André Boyer, Erik Cajelais, Gylbert Drolet, Jonathan Duhamel, Grant Guèvremont and Miguel Proulx.

Half of Canadians have been able to reach the day #2. While Boyer, Cajelais and Guèvremont have not been able to reach the end of the day, Gylbert Drolet (17th - 25 900 tokens), Jonathan Duhamel (67th - 11 600 tokens) and Miguel Proulx (79th - 8400 tokens) will be back today to try to slip into the top 40 for an amount of at least $ 2685.

The leader of the day is the American Tony Cousineau, with a more than comfortable lead. Indeed, Cousineau has already amassed 93 500 chips, or more than double than his closest pursuer (Rogerio Sousa who in has amassed 41 000!).

The action will resume today. Good luck to the three Quebecers still in contention!

To watch today:
-The final table of the event #5, where Daniel Negreanu will attempt to get their hands on his first bracelet since 2008.
-Gylbert Drolet, Jonathan Duhamel (PokerJohn) and Miguel Proulx (Mig) which will return for a second day at the Seven Card Stud tournament.
-Start of the event #8 - Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or better $ 1500.

You can comment on the various tournaments by clicking the following links:
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Event #6-No - Limit Hold'Em Mixed Max $ 5000 - Joe Tehan in mind.
Event #7 - Seven-Card Stud $ 1500 - three Quebecers survived the first day.


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