The Main Event of the PokerStars Canada Cup is launched

Yesterday was held at the Playground, day 1A of the main event of the PokerStars Canada Cup. The $ 3,300 buy-in tournament guarantee 2 M$ in scholarships. To enter their money, the Playground will have to accommodate at least 666 players (or entries, since the tournament is to re-entry form).

On day 1A, 129 players participated in the tournament. Players known of our community who have survived to this day, noted Marc - André Ladouceur which has 174,000 tokens, Jean-Philippe "JPP" Piquette and Jean-Philippe "JPhil" Matte.

Among the other players to be enrolled in the day 1A, include Jonathan Duhamel. Unfortunately for him, he was eliminated shortly after dinner after having had a good start to the day. Still, he announced that he would be registered for the day 1 b.

Saturday, will be played probably the biggest day (1 c) in terms of registered and on day 2 of the tournament will be held Sunday. Remember that PokerCollectif is there to cover the event and you will get pictures and updates on our Facebook.

Samuel Chartier won the high roller tournament


Yesterday also concluded the high roller tournament $ 10,400 buy-in so that it remained more than 3 players: Sam Chartier, David Yan and friend Alibay.

When the heads up duel, Alibay had the advantage in chips on Chartier (529 K vs 491 K).

At this stage, the two players have thought about making an agreement on exchanges, but Chartier asking $ 5000 more than a split even though it was only 491K tokens.

Alibay refused the offer and continued to play.

On the final hand of heads-up, Chartier (AQ) and Alibay (A9) are all-in, and the 9-8-Q flop was to the advantage of Chartier. The turn and River have helped anyone and Chartier had just won the high roller and $ 122,050 while Alibay won $ 79,150.

On Facebook, Chartier congratulated his opponent: "Nice run friend, to each your step up a level game tournament. Truly an honor to have been able to play the heads up against you. For a guy who run clubs you could think about another career. Well done!"

Congratulations to both players!

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