The Little One for One Drop for 2013

WSOP 2012, the Main Event was a tournament that has done much chat of course, but he was not alone. The Big One fo One Drop, the tournament at 1 M$ buy-in, also did much talking about him. As a reminder, $ 111,111 buy-in were handed over to the Agency One Drop. The magician Antonio Ensfandiari completed 1 of this tournament and win the biggest prize in a tournament WSOP, i.e. 18 M$!

Even if this tournament has been a success, it was confirmed that the tournament would not for 2013, but that he would return for 2014.

However, the founder of the Cirque du Soleil was another idea behind the head to garner funds for the benefit of One Drop. It should be noted that his association is dedicated to the problem of access to drinking water.

It will be a tournament rebuy. Since 2008, the WSOP had more rebuy tournaments, but for 2013, it will be the case with this tournament. The buy-in will be $ 1111 and it will be possible to make an unlimited number of rebuys during the first day. A part of the buy-in (probably $ 111) will be given to the One Drop organization.

The organizers of the WSOP have liked the idea of Guy Laliberté and formalized the tournament. According to them, this tournament might even be one of the most popular of the WSOP 2013, nothing less!

"With the 'Little One' and the 'Big One' on the horizon, we can continue to improve the lives of those who are in need, educating the public on the impact of water on our planet" added Guy Laliberté!

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