Summary of the early days of the WSOP 2014

PokerCollectif announced you last week, the WSOP 2014 have already begun. Here is a summary of events so far for those who missed the action. Reports more detailed of each event will be published starting tomorrow.

Event #2: Mixed Max No - Limit Hold'em ($25,000)

After the traditional tournament of employees had held this tournament with $ 25,000 to the very high caliber. Among the players, Phil Ivey, Richard Lyndaker (nutsinho), Ryan Fee, Justin Bonomo, Sam Trickett and Vanessa Selbst.

A long time in the tournament, Vanessa has dominated to eventually win the tournament and the $ 871,148 that go with the title. For her, it was his third career bracelet. With the win, she now has more than 2 M$ in WSOP tournament winnings.

Event #3: Pot-Limit Omaha ($1,000)

This $ 1000 buy-in tournament attracted 1128 players. It was the American Brandon Shack Harris who won honors and $ 205,634. For him, it was his first career bracelet and his 5th purse in a WSOP tournament.

Event #4: No-Limit Hold'em ($1,000)

First tournament "affordable" hold ' em the WSOP and people responded well with 2223 participants. Many Americans as one might expect.

Kyle Cartwright eventually won the tournament and $ 360,278. For him, it was his 1 WSOP bracelet and his 7th purse. Its first position in this tournament brings the total of his earnings to $ 900,677.

Event #5: Limit 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball ($10,000)

Still 120 players participated in this tournament's $ 2-7 to 10,000. Phil Galfond has featured for a long time among leaders finished 5th row for a purse of $ 51,538, before Alexandre Luneau who finished 8th for $ 38,961.

The winner of the tournament is Truán the which pockets $ 355,324. For, it was his 1st WSOP bracelet.

Event #6: No-Limit Hold'em Shootout ($1,500)

948 players took part in this shootout to $ 1,500. The winner of the tournament is the American Alex Bolotin, who pockets $ 259,211. For him, it was his 1 bracelet, but its 25th award at the WSOP.

Event #7: Seven Card Rass ($1,500)

352 players participated in this tournament to $ 1,500. Among them, Phil Hellmuth, who was at the conquest of his 14th WSOP bracelet. Phil is passed well near achieve this feat by finishing 2nd to Pocket $ 74,848.

Ted Forrest stole him this title and won $ 121,196. It will be for another time to Phil Hellmuth.

Event #8: Millionaire Maker ($1,500)

This tournament, as its name suggests, will be a new millionaire, as the first position will pay 1 M$. This tournament has attracted an impressive number of 7977 entries to create a prizepool of over 10 M$.

The tournament is still ongoing and currently it Yuliyan Kolev, who leads the ball with 632,000 tokens.

On the side of Quebecers, Jonathan D'Souza is in 28th position with 322,000 tokens.

Event #9: No-Limit Hold'em ($1,000)

1949 players participated in this tournament with a $ 1,000 buy-in with Jeff Côté (66th with 36,500 chips) and Benoît Jean (88th with 27,000 chips). The tournament will continue today and we wish the best of luck to our Quebec. The winner will receive $ 323,125.

Event #10: Limit Omaha Hi-Low ($10,000)

178 players participated in this tournament including Jonathan Duhamel which is currently ranked the 85th with 24,000 in chips. The tournament will continue today and the winner will receive $ 443,407. We wish the best luck with Poker_John for the rest of the things. Note that Daniel Negreanu is top for this tournament.

To watch today:

-The day B of the Millionaire Maker. Let us hope that more Quebecers will take part. PokerCollectif you will update tomorrow about this tournament. Good luck to all the competitors!

-L' event #9 where 2 Quebecers are still in the race.

-L' event #10 in which Poker_John is still in the race.

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