Stanley Choi is the big winner of the Macau High Stakes Challenge!

PokerCollectif recently announced you the holding of a tournament super high-rollers to Macau, which would be held on August 31, 2012.It was yesterday that took this tournament with his 73 registrants who paid 2 million HK$ (approximately 1/4 million USD).

The winner of this tournament was finally Stanley Choi who won 50 million from HK$. The other fellows, include Phil Ivey, Philipp Gruissem and JP Kelly.

Many poker celebrities attended this tournament including Tom Dwan, Gus Hansen, John Juanda, Erik Seidel and Sam Trickett. Many players came out quickly from the tournament and it is understandable when you look the very fast tournament structure! Andrew Robl was one of the first players to be released. Just after him, Brian Rast, Joe Hachem and Brian Powell were also eliminated. Joe Hachem came out quickly while he was all-in in a battle of blinds with AQ and his opponent had QQ.

Of Chen Yi is the one who made himself out before the awards. In a battle of blinds while the blinds were very big, he found himself all-in with TT vs AA of Urindanger. The flop gives hope to Chen with a T, but the turn gave him a cold shower when he saw one. A brick on the river made him the "bubble guy".

Scholarships are therefore went as follows:

1 Stanley Choi 50,149,000 HK$
2 Zhu Guan Fai 33,737,000 HK$
3 Nicholas Wong 25,530,000 HK$
4 Tang Zheng 17,324,000 HK$
5 John Juanda 12,765,000 HK$
6 lap Key Chen 9,574,000 HK$
7 Sam Trickett 7,750,000 HK$
8 Phil Ivey 6,383,000 HK$

Remember that ending a HK$ is worth about 12 under US.

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