Seiborg Seidel

It is very soon that will take place the final heads-up between Erik Seidel and Erick Lindgren to the Super High Roller WPT Championship. This tournament takes place at the prestigious Bellagio in Las Vegas and has an entry price of $ 100,000 (from which the name Super High Roller). At the time of this writing, Erik has approximately 70% of all tokens, which will give him an advantage against his rival, Erick Lindgren.

If Seidel continues its momentum, it could well win more money in a year than any other poker player.

His year began with a small gain of $ 46,560 in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (a No Limit Hold'em Tournament ' em 6-max $ 5000 buy) finishing 3rd.

Three days later, on 13 January, when $25,000 No Limit Hold'em ' em - High Roller Event of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, he finished 4th and won $ 295,960.

And the month is not over. A few days later, on January 22, 2011, he won $ 618,139 by finishing 3rd in a tournament in Melbourne at the 2011 Aussie Millions Poker Championship, or 6 times the price of entry.

The following week, still in Melbourne, he won almost 2. 5 M$ placing 1 of the 250,000 Super High Roller No Limit Hold'em.

The year already well commancait with its more than respectable month of January.

In February, Seidel won "only" two scholarships: one of $ $14,500 5,100 heads-up Championship in Los Angeles and another $ 144,570 when $25,100 High Roller Event in Los Angeles.

In March, he won the heads up tournament where Poker_John had performed well (unfortunately released by Moneymaker) and won $ 144,570.

Finally, in April, he won $ 155,103 during a WPT: $9,600 No Limit Hold'em - Main Event, played in Hollywood.

To date, he has $ 4.497.386 of earnings for 2011. With his next purse (1st or 2nd), it will have already accumulated more than 5 M$ and we do that in May. It will obviously be a player to watch at the upcoming WSOP.

His year so far so exceptional, that The microphones have even dedicated him a spare bedroom on iTunes and Youtube. You can listen to it here:


PokerCollectif will keep you informed of the outcome of the Super High Roller WPT Championship between Seidel and Lindgren.

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