Predictions 2009 WSOP by Bond18

It is still time! Approaching the WSOP in Vegas and Bond18 goes a few predictions.

  1. There will be fewer players than in recent years. But only a little less. Many people worry about the number of players to the WSOP because of the recession. If I rely on the EPT, LAPT and APPT this year, there will be not much fewer people at the WSOP this year; don't worry too much with it!

  2. Online poker players will destroy NLHE events, again. If you look at previous years, the winners of these events were often of young "kids". This year, there will be more small tournaments of NLH and see these "kids" win more!
  3. Devilfish will make hundreds of women uncomfortable; But what it will be different from the other times of the year?

  4. Durrr will "owner" several idiots. Oh yes, more idiots will be dominated by Durrr. The question now is to know if it is going to take much of his time to play the WSOP events instead of spend it at the cash games high stakes.

  5. Here are a few names that will have big results in MTT; Shaundeeb, Zeejustin, Luckychewy.

  6. Phil Hellmuth is going to enter the Main Event with 20 women in each arm. Because of point at the WSOP with only 5 women in each arm, is not enough! They will all remained seated and scream when he will win a pot and stay silent when he lost in a. She will listen to him when he cry: "you've seen, it got calle with Lady-ten!"

  7. The Main Event of the WSOP will be 6500 players. According to my predictions, there are slightly fewer players than the year past where 6844 players were registered.

  8. The conduct of the WSOP will be this much smoother year given all the adjustments made (less waiting, less unnecessary files, better distribution of rooms etc).

  9. Several prop bets will not take place. As usual, Phil Ivey will probably make the prop bets so bloated and "balla" that he would pass all the other prop bets from all stakeholders as being ridiculous. If you want to make some with me, I encourage you to contact me!

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