Phil Hellmuth wins the WSOPE Main Event of!

Some love him, some hate, but, one thing is certain, all the poker community knows and has something to say about Phil Hellmuth! Tell him well, tell him bad, but tell him! This is probably what it would! With this first position, Hellmuth WINS 1,022,376 euros! With his final table at the Big One For One Drop, Hellmuth has had a year quite interesting point of saw monetary!

In an interview, Hellmuth says playing the best poker of his life. For some time, Hellmuth said to be refocused on the poker. He comments: "I really tried to not litter me these past years. You start reading the press to listen to the people. They want autographs, photos, things like that and you start thinking ' I'm pretty cool ". But you must ignore everything. You must stay focused on the game. [Daniel] Negreanu criticised me for several years and he was right. My mind wasn't where it should be. »

It adds: "I much talked strategy with friends like Brandon Cantu, I talked a bit with Negreanu, 'luckychewy' (Andrew Lichtenberger) who gave me some tips in heads up. '' I spent the last ten days to play hold ' em, I much talked about poker and I play better and better everytime when I accumulate the hours of play at the tables. »

With this victory, Hellmuth became the first player in history to have won the Main Event of the WSOP and Main Event of WSOPE! It is also the only one to possess as many WSOP bracelet: 13. With its final table yesterday, Hellmuth brings the total of his 49 career final tables, which is a record.

Even though he played his best poker career, the poker brat had still to have recourse to the chance when he has 2 outer Stéphane Albertini on the River to eliminate it!

The final table results

Phil Hellmuth (USA) - €1.022.376
Sergii Baranov (Ukraine) - €632.592
Stephane Albertini (France) - €423.360
Joseph Cheong (uSA) - €292.320
Christopher Brammer (UK) - €207.648
Paul Tedeschi (France) - €149.184
Stéphane Girault (France) - €108.684
Jason Mercier (USA) - €84.672

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