Main Event of the WSOPE 2010 - Day 2

The 2010 WSOPE main event is started since September 23. In 2007 and 2008, 362 players were registered; in 2009, we had seen a decline to 334 participants, but this year, 346 players were squarely: so it's the only time since the beginning of European world series of poker that there is an increase in terms of participants for the main event.

Among these 346 players, several members of PokerCollectif there are register. Among other things, could find Jonathan 'PokerJohn' Duhamel, Pascal 'Pass72' LeFrançois, Yann 'Yadio' Dion, Rudy 'Rudyboy_x' Blondeau. You could also find Quebecers Erik Cajelais, Isabelle 'NoMercy' Mercier and the french Arnaud 'FrenchKiss' Mattern, Ludovic 'SirCuts' Lacay and many others.


Matchday 1 a and 1 b, everything happened for the best for pretty much everyone, with the exception of Jonathan Duhamel who was eliminated on day 1 is trying a squeeze play with 75 s while the original raiser had ACEs. Pascal Lefrancois was one of the rankings on day 1A, and Yann Dion unfortunately lost a big pot just before the end of the day, thereby reducing his stack of 110 k 55 k.

Day 2 was more difficult for our Quebec: Pascal Lefrancois was eliminated earlier in the day and the fate was the same for Isabelle Mercier and french David Benyamine.

For the moment, there are 110 players, including Yann Dion (aka Yadio), Guillaume Gignac (aka Guigui_88), Rudy Blondeau (aka RudyBoy_x), Erik Cajelais, Arnaud Mattern (aka Frenchkiss), Ludovic Lacay (aka Cuts) and Bertrand Grospellier (Elky aka) are still in the race.

The leader at the moment is Viktor Blom aka Isildur1 Swedish, among other well-known players who are currently in the top 10, Phil Ivey is in 3rd place and Antonio Esfandiari is in 8th place.

Several other well-known players are still in the race, this is particularly the case for JP Kelly, Barry Greenstein, Phil Laak, John Dolan, Mike Matusow, Freddy Deeb, Allen Cunningham, Jennifer Tilly, Huck Seed, JC Tran and Daniel Negreanu.

You can follow the latest updates by clicking on the following link: WSOPE 2010 - main event


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