Main Event WSOPE 2010 - near the bubble!

We are on day #3 of the WSOPE. It is today that we will pass the bubble and fall in paid places.

The bad news is that virtually all Quebecers are removed from the event. Good, it is that there is Rudy Blondeau, aka RudyBoy_X, and that it is in a good position: he is currently 12th on the 39 remaining players. The first 36 places are paying. It is not an easy table, with Phil Ivey at his own table.

Daniel Negreanu, who hoped to do it for a 3rd time in a row a final table at the main event, was eliminated earlier in the day.


JP Kelly, which is happened near record-breaking earlier this week , has also suffered the same fate as Negreanu; John Dolan, finalist in the main event of the WSOP in Las Vegas, will not have the occasion to do the double since it has also been eliminated.

Among the 39 remaining players, Phil Ivey is in a good position (3rd place); Viktor Blom, aka isildur1 has lost his lead but he is still in a good position (6th). It is followed closely by french Arnaud Mattern (aka FrenchKiss), which is itself followed by an another french: Thomas Bichon.

Good luck Rudy!

Follow its performance on the forum by clicking the following link: WSOPE 2010 - Main Event: One time Rudyboy!


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