Main Event: 15 Quebec shall ensure to the 3rd day

Days 1 A, 1 B and 1 c ended, yesterday took place simultaneously days 2A and 2B. Survivors of day 1 played their day in a specific room and survivors of day 1 B played their day 2B in another room, as if it were 2 different tournaments.

Several Quebec were in these 2 tournaments and some are fallen.

After this day, following Quebecers will have their passes for the day 3.

Survivors of the day 2A:

166th Jean-Francois "benomg2000" Brûlé 68,500
142nd Sean Grover 87,300
89th Julien Fauteux (and non-Fautex as the report indicated) aka "Jaedae" 128,300
58th André Boyer 163,900
47th James Hudson 175,500
21st Roch Cousineau 247,800
9th Stéphane Lacas 292,500

So, for Group A, it will remain 238 players who will spend the day #3. With respect to the Group B who played his day 2B yesterday, there are still 562 players who will spend the day 3.

Here is the list of the survivors to this day

441 Patrick "kfax" Braga 47,100
354th Stéphane "foutight" Bisson 71,100
219th Miguel "Mig" Proulx 110,400
209th Samuel "eqn778" 111,800
115th Marc-Étienne "GénéralIrish" McLaughlin 154.600
114th Carla Sabini 155,700
84th Marc-Étienne "GuacamolePoker" or "Marke" Blais 173,300
32nd Vincent "Vluff" Jacques 223,400

Today will be the day 2 c in which many québécois will be present (the survivors of day 1 c). We wish them the best of luck for the day before the 3rd day of the tournament.

Day 3 will bring together all players having completed their day 2A, 2B and 2 c. The tournament will be a little easier to follow!

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