June 21 ' 12 - Miguel Proulx spent the day #3.

wsop2012_resultatA third place for Antonio Esfandiari at the No-Limit Shootout; A 24th place for Quebecers Christopher McClung (d0r1t0s); Miguel Proulx reached the 3rd and final day in No-Limit Hold'Em. No Quebec did survive the first day of the PLO Championship; And there are still 101 players in Limit Hold'em Tournament ' Em. Here is the results and summary of June 21 to the WSOP 2012.

Event #36 of No Limit Hold'em (limited to 2000 entries shootout) - a disappointing 3rd place for Antonio Esfandiari.
The 10 finalists were back for the third and final day of competition, while all players started the day with the same number of chips. The crowd favorite was, however, Antonio Esfandiari, who quickly seized the head while it remained more than three players and Esfandiari had about 75% of the chips from the table. But fate is sometimes cruel to poker, and it only took only two hands so that the momentum change completely aside.

Esfandiari is finally tilted in 3rd place, leaving Jeremiah Fitzpatrick and Craig McCorkell duel. This time, it was Fitzpatrick who had 75% of the tokens... it will, however, tasted the same medicine as Esfandiari and ultimately it is McCorkell who emerged victorious, winning his first WSOP bracelet.

Event #37 Eight Game Mixed ($2500) - Christopher McClung (D0r1t0s) finished 24th in his first major tournament in 8-game.
Eyes were on Christopher 'd0rit0s' Mcclung, who was still in contention with only 27 players remaining. Unfortunately, the day does not last as he would have liked, while the Québécois tilts ($ 7900 scholarship) ranked 24th. It is however an excellent performance for Christopher, who was playing his first major tournament in 8-game.

Despite the fact that the tournament is scheduled on 3 days, it will take a fourth day to determine the winner while there are only two players remaining. Canadian Greg Mueller is currently in advance with 2 655 000 chips against the American David Baker and his 925 000 chips. The action will resume today at 6 pm hour of Quebec, while Mueller will attempt to win his third career bracelet. Both players are already assured of $ 167 637, while the winner put the hand on a prize pool of $ 271.

Event #38 hold ' em no limit to $ 1500 - Miguel Proulx to monitor!
Five Quebecers were back in order to survive in this second day of competition while we were just seven players in paid places. It wasn't only a formality before our Quebecers are able to achieve awards.
The first to fall was mark Fraser, just after the bubble ranked 243rd. Then he had to wait a while before you see an another fallen Quebecers to combat, then that Philippe Boucher (PhilLeDingue) finished in 184th place. He won $ 3079 for his performance. Moments later, Jean-Philippe Matte (JPhil) went to join him, thus ending the 162nd largest for an amount of $ 3421. Then it was the turn of Rock Cloutier, who was eliminated in 135th place ($3831).

Miguel Proulx (Mig) was however a better fate. PLO specialist was able to demonstrate that he mastered both the No-Limit Hold'Em so that it is part of the 21 remaining players. It will, however, hard to do, since he temporarily finds himself at the 18th with 285 000 chips. Only two players (Jeffrey Manza and Dung Nguyen) have been able to reach the one million in chips.

Players are already assured of a $ 17. 378, while the winner will receive $ 607,200. The action will resume at 4 p.m., Quebec. PokerCollectif wish good luck to Mig in its quest for a second WSOP bracelet.

Event #39 - Championship of Pot-Limit Omaha $ 10,000 - no Quebecers able to survive this first day.
The Championship of Pot-Limit Omaha will have finally attracted only 293 players. Although Miguel Proulx is occupied in the tournament No-Limit Hold'Em and that he was therefore not present to try to win this tournament (he finished 2nd in 2010), the Québec delegation could still count five québécois: Erik Cajelais, Sam Chartier, Adam Coviensky, Jonathan Duhamel and Spencer Stacey.

Unfortunately, none of them was able to survive to this day. Only 88 players have survived the first day, but there is still much to do before reaching paid places because only the last 36 survivors will make sure $ 16 801. The leader of the day is the American Benjamin wise.

Event #40 - Limit Hold'Em $2500 - kept 101 players present.
302 players presented themselves at the Limit Hold'em event ' em in format 6-max, but no québécois.

After 10 levels of play, only 101 of them have chips before them. The American Vincent Gironda leads for the moment the ball, followed closely by Michael Reed, Andre Akkari, and Terrence Chan. Chad Brown is the 5th largest.
Action will resume at 5 p.m. of Quebec, while the players will try to slip among the last 36 survivors in order to get their hands on at least $ 4046.

To watch today:
-The performance of Miguel Proulx then it will attempt to win a second bracelet, this time in No-Limit Hold'em (#38 event)
-Heads Up between Canadian Greg Mueller and the American David Baker, to determine the winner of the #37 event.
-Second day the PLO Championship and the$ 2,500 Limit Hold'em event ' em.
-Start of an event of No-Limit Hold'Em ($3000) and Omaha/Stud ($2500).

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