July 9' 12:44 Quebec register for day 1 c, 30 go to the next day

To date, counting the entries of the day 1 A and 1 B, there were 3180 entries. Therefore, one would expect that many people to register at the Main Event on this day 1 c. And that is actually what happened while 3418 people took part in this day 1 c.

These 3418 entries, included 44 québécois: Éric Afriat, Gabriel Alarie, Francis Bouchard, André Boyer, Sam Chartier, Nabil Glenza, Ryan Higgins, Gabriel Houle Morin, Vincent Jacques, Mathieu Clavet, Said Michailidis, Olivier Racine, Jonathan Roy, Jonathan Duhamel, Constantinos Psalidas, John Xenos, Dinara Khaziyeva, Emmanuel Desmarais, Éric Lévesque, Guillaume Rivet, Tommy Velliama, Bill Kontaratos, Vincent Jacques, Gylbert Drolet, Shawn Hattem, Alexandre Sarakinis, Guillaume Gignac, Jean Larosilière, David Barter, Corey Wexler, François Binette, Martin Boivin, François Billard, Martin Fournier Giguère, George Caragiorgas, Stéphane Blouin, Denis Cyr, Jason Hallée, Vito Bellezza, Noeung Troeung Jean-Philippe Matte, Miguel Proulx, Jason Lavallée and finally, Jeff Hakim.

This lot, 14 have been eliminated: Éric Afriat, Gabriel Alarie, Francis Bouchard, André Boyer, Sam Chartier, Nabil Glenza, Ryan Higgins, Jonathan Duhamel, Gabriel Houle Morin, Vincent Jacques, Mathieu Clavet, Said Michailidis, Olivier Racine and Jonathan Roy.

Others to be still in the race are as follows: 183rd ranked there Constantinos Psalidas with 87,425 tokens, ranked 203rd, John Xenos with 85,250 chips ranked 314th, Dinara Khaziyeva with 74,250 tokens, ranked 403rd, Emmanuel Desmarais with 67,200 tokens, ranked 446th, Éric Lévesque with 64,400 tokens, 626e, Guillaume Rivet with 55,675 chips ranked 698th, Tommy Velliama with 52,775 in chips, 848th row, Bill Kontaratos with 48,600 chips, ranked 919th, Vincent Jacques with 45,825 tokens, ranked 949th, Gylbert Drolet with 44,950 chips ranked 993rd, Shawn Hattem with 43,575 tokens, 1005e, Alexandre Sarakinis with 43,225 chips ranked 1016th, Guillaume Gignac with 42,950 tokens, 1021st ranked, Jean Larosilière with 42,850 chips, 1062nd row, David Barter with 41,750 chips, 1090th row, Corey Wexler with 40,900 chips, 1134th row, François Binette with 39,900 tokens, ranked 1178th, Martin Boivin with 38,725 chips ranked 1202nd, François Billard with 38,225 chips ranked 1244th, Martin Fournier Giguère with 37,200 chips ranked 1230e, George Caragiorgas with 37,450 chips 1255th ranked, Stéphane Blouin with 36,875 chips, 1436th row, Denis Cyr with 31,875 chips, 1536th row, Jason Hallée with 29,475 tokens, ranked 1682nd, Vito Bellezza with 25,125 tokens, 1795e row, Noeung Troeung with 21,850 chips ranked 1998th, Jean-Philippe Matte with 15.850 chips ranked 2005th, Miguel Proulx with 15,675 tokens, 2019e row, Jason Lavallée with 15,300 chips and ultimately 2035e rankedJeff Hakim with 14,700 tokens.

The leader of the tournament is currently the Austrian William John who has 266,700 tokens!

The action will resume today at 15:00 time of Quebec. The total traded is 62 M$ and the player who wins this tournament will win 8,527,982$!

The tournament will be played until it has found our 9 players who will constitute the final table! Then the action will be put on pause until October 28, date on which will play the final table!

Good luck to all our Quebecers in this race to the bracelet!

You can follow the developments of this tournament on our forums:

WSOP 2012: Event #61 Main Event ($10,000)


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