Jonathan Jaffe won the WPT ME, Montréal 2014

Yesterday at Poker Club of Montreal, American Jonathan Jaffe Playground won the Main Event of the World Poker Tour Montreal 2014 (at $ 3,500 + $ 350 buy-in tournament) for a gain of $ 463,432.

The two larger stacks at the final table finished respectively in 1st (Jonathan Jaffe) and 2nd place (Ratharam Sivagnanam). On the final hand, the blinds were at 200 K / 400 K, Sivagnanam limp / reraise all-in with 8dTd and Jaffe call with KCBA. The board 6 h - 4S - 3s - Jh - Qh does not help anyone and Jaffe won $ 463,432. For its part, Sivagnanam won $ 313,318. Also note the presence of Guillaume Nolet and Samuel Chartier among scholars.

Results of WPT Montréal 2014

1 Jonathan Jaffe CAD $463,432
2 Ratharam Sivagnanam CAD $313,318
3 Mukul Pahuja CAD $201,920
4 Kevin MacPhee CAD $149,340
5 Samuel Chartier CAD $111,820
6 William Nolet CAD $90,350

Congratulations to the winners!

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