Jonathan Duhamel dominated the event #55 to 50 K$

Event #51 - Ladies Event of Hold'em no limit ($ 10,000 for men $ 1,000 for women)

When this tournament resumed yesterday, there was still 9 finalists bracelet. After a few hours of play, it was the Canadian Kristen Bicknell, who won the bracelet and the $ 173,922.

For her, this was its first purse in a WSOP tournament!

Event #52 - Hold'em no-limit 6-max ($25,000)

It is yesterday that played the finals of this tournament to $ 25,000.

The final duel took place between Phil Galfond and Steve Sung.

On the final hand, Galfond is relatively shortstack. His opponent raises to 240,000 chips with JT. Galfond that KQ decides to push his stack and Sung snap call.

The flop KTJ gave us a bit of suspense, but the turn and river proved to be bricks and 2 pairs of Sung were sufficient to win the bracelet.

Steve Sung is the winner of the bracelet and the 1,205,324$. Galfond Meanwhile pockets $ 744,841.

For Sung, this is his 2nd career bracelet.

Event #53 - Hold'em no limit ($1500)

This tournament greatly interested us given the presence of 8 Quebec among the players present on the day #2.

As a reminder, you could find:

Mathieu 18th Laforce (88,800)
Armenak 23rd Kizirian (84,200)
Marc Aubin 37th (71,400)
Patrick "kfax" 38th Braga (70,600)
Jean-Pascal 61st Savard (57,700)
Kyle 90th Khoury (47,500)
Ernesto Calderon 177th (30,500)
Laurence 'Sharon' 260th Grondin (17,400)

Let's start with the good news, all the players have managed to make money. The bad is that none of these 8 québécois succeeded in getting to the next day.

In the order are therefore:

187th Laurence Godfrey ($3345)
165th Ernesto Calderon ($3725)
125th Marc Aubin ($4181)
100th Mathieu Laforce ($4181)
70th Kyle Khoury ($7375)
58th Armenak Kizirian ($8743)
$ 53 Patrick Braga ($10,454)
28th Jean-Pascal Savard ($15,434)

At this stage, the tournament is dominated by the American Jonathan Cohen who has 1.3 M chips.

The winner will return home with $ 665,397 in addition to the bracelet.

Event #54 Hold'em no limit ($1000)

2883 players participated in this tournament of Hold'em to $ 1000. Among them, several Quebec you guessed it.

Among them, only one is still in the race: Carter Swidler of Montreal, which is 12th with 88,100 tokens.

Note also the presence of Guy Lepage at this tournament. The former member of RBO has 253rd finished for a modest grant $ 1894.

The tournament continues today. The winner receives $ 454,382.

Event #55 The Poker Player Championship ($50,000)

Even if the main event of the WSOP (Main Event) is regarded as the most prestigious tournament of the series, this tournament is probably also prestigious otherwise more than the Main Event (from the least, by the community of poker players). And it includes some way since each year, this tournament brings together the elite of the poker players.

Win this tournament will undoubtedly increase your prestige as a poker player.

It is therefore 120 players who took part in this tournament to strong buy-in ($50,000). After the day of yesterday, seven players have been eliminated and we will resume today with 113 players.

2 interesting findings: 1, the tournament is dominated currently by Jonathan "poker_john" Duhamel who has 401,300 tokens!

2, despite what he wrote on Twitter, Doyle Brunson was able to refrain from participating in the WSOP 2013 in registering for this tournament. He is currently 12th with a respectable stack of 232,000 tokens.

To watch today: Jonathan Duhamel in the tournament to $ 50,000 and the beginning of a Hold'em Tournament ' no limit to $ 2500 (#56 event). De plus, Carter Swidler in the event #54 while it is 12th in chips.

To discuss the performance of Quebecers to the 2013 WSOP, you can use our discussion forums: Jonathan Duhamel dominated the event #55 to 50 K$


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