Jason Duval (baby dog) wins a WSOP bracelet!

We can say that the WSOP 2013 start in grand for the Quebec players. Indeed, after the victory of Charles-Alexandre Sylvestre at the #3 tournament, that Jason Duval (aka baby dog) makes his own and won in turn a bracelet and then barely a month and a half after his 3e place at the WPT Spring Classic.

Jason Duval began yet the day very far behind the leader: it was 12e rang with only 378,000 chips while Japanese Masayuki Nagata was head to 1 742 000 chips. At the end of the day, the latter will be could do better that a 3th place while Duval has gradually risen through the ranks to headsup against the American Majid Yadav.

At the beginning of the final duel, the two players were virtually tied, with a slight lead for Yadav. However, the duel was practically one-way to the advantage of Duval for a good while until Yadav found in 1.5 million in chips from the 8 million baby dog. At this point, Yadav had a small revival of life... but short!

After almost 3 hours of duel, Jason Duval won the victory. In addition to the 8e bracelet at the WSOP in the history of the WSOP for Quebec, Jason Duval seized the $ 521 202 award.

Congratulations to baby dog for the deserved victory!


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