2011 WSOP - tough day for Canadians - summary of June 30

wsop-2011-braceletA quick victory of Joe Ebanks at the #46 tournament, a 22nd place to François billiard (Roo_400) in the tournament #48, a victory of Leonard Martin tournament #49, elimination of Philippe 'PhilLeDingue' Boucher and Jeff Hakim in the #50 tournament, crowd record and qualification of Roch Cousineau in the tournament #51 and Jeff Hakim and Erik Cajelais spend day 2 in the #52 tournament.  The day was difficult for Quebecers to the WSOP, while they knew shine off-WSOP tournament to $ 2500 at the Venetian! Here is the summary of June 30 to the WSOP 2011.


Event #46 - No. Championship - Limit Hold'Em Short handed $ 10,000 - quick victory of Joe Ebanks
It took an extra day to finish the duel between Chris Moorman and Joe Ebanks. This last quickly disposed of the last obstacle that he had before getting his first bracelet at the world series and become the latest millionaire of the WSOP.

After just a few hands, Ebanks victory was confirmed. Chris Moorman can still be consoled more than respectable amount of $ 716 282.

Event #48 - Hold' no limit to $ 1500 - François 'Roo_400' pool finished in 22nd place.
After a second day which was beneficial for François Billard (roo_400), the third day was rather difficult for him. With only 30 players remaining, Roo_400 began the day in 6th place. Unfortunately, he lost a 50-50 situation, finally having to bow to the 22nd. François 'roo_400' pool wins still $ 18 605 for his performance.

Only 4 players have survived to this day and victory is within reach of four players: Canadian Simon Charrette is currently in 4th place with 2.25 m in chips, edged out by American Peter Ippolito (2.8 m), Yevgeniy Timoshenko (3.46 m) and Athanasios Polychronopoulos (3.7 m).

The action will resume today until the victory of one of these four players.

Event #49 - Limit 2-7 Triple Draw LowBall $ 2,500 - victory of Leonard Martin
With a final table which included players like Eli Elezra, Justin 'ZeeJustin' Bonomo, David Bach, Jason Mercier, Jon Turner and Shawn Buchanan, the other opponents had enough thrills. Leonard Martin will have nonetheless managed to get the game and winning his first WSOP bracelet.

During his duel with Justin Bonomo, both players are traded a few times the advantage in chips: Bonomo has even been able to start the headsup with an advantage of 2:1 for Leonard Martin, without however being able to close the party.
In addition to his bracelet, Leonard Martin puts the hand on a $ 189 919 while ZeeJustin shall consolation of $ 117.

Event #50 - Triple - luck No - Limit Hold'Em $ 5000 - no chance for Boucher and Hakim
Only two Quebecers were back for this second day of the tournament to Hold'Em no limit $ 5000: Jeff Hakim and Philippe 'PhilLeDingue' Boucher started in middle of Pack (135th and 138th overall) on 297 players who were back for the second day of play. Unfortunately for them, they were not able to survive to this day: as Hakim that Boucher will not have been able to approach the 81 paid places.

There are 34 players and these are all insured to at least $ 21 311. The winner will receive $ 825 604. It is at the moment a lady, Vanessa Peng, who dominated the event. Peng has been able to double her rug on the last hand of the day, from 17th place to the first.

The action will resume today, while there are still two french in contention (Bruno Lopes in 21st position) and Arnaud Esquevin in 29th.

Event #51-Pot - Limit Omaha Hi - Low 8-or-better $ 1500 - no chance for Quebecers, so that only Roch Cousineau qualifies to the second day.
With the approach of the WSOP main event, more and more players are on-site and a record of 946 players have join this event (99 more than in 2010). While the winner of the last year won $ 245 871, this year will receive $ 268 235.

For the moment, it is William Speir which is the leader in token with 134 players remaining.  Unfortunately, all have not been as lucky as Speir. 6 Quebecers join this event, only Roch Cousineau will survive this first day. Erik Cajelais, Jonathan Duhamel, Christopher ' Poker_John' 'D0r1t0s' McClung, Jean-Philippe 'cpp' Marjorie, Miguel 'mig' Proulx is eliminated, the Court of the day 1. Among the well-known figures, Phil Laak, Tom 'durrrr' Dwan, Daniel Negreanu, Marcel Luske, Mike Matusow, Greg Raymer and Phil Hellmuth will have had the same fate as them.

Nevertheless much of known names who have managed to sneak up to the day 2. This is the case of Kathy Liebert, Erick Lindgren, Erik Seidel and Joe Hachem.

The action will resume today at 2.30 p.m. Las Vegas time.

Event #52 - Hold' mixed (limit and no limit) $ 2500 - Erik Cajelais and Jeff Hakim spend the day 2.
Rapid elimination of Erik Cajelais, Jonathan Duhamel and Christopher McClung will have at least had the advantage to allow them to register in time to another event which began yesterday. They were also accompanied by Jeff Hakim and Spencer Stacey Quebecers.

It was rather a day to forget for Jonathan Duhamel and Christopher ' poker_john' 'D0r1t0s' McClung, who have quickly followed the same fate as in the previous tournament.

Erik Cajelais, for its part, will take advantage of this second chance to be one of the only Quebec, with Jeff Hakim, to survive this first day. Cajelais will therefore begin the 2nd day at 60th, while Jeff Hakim is now in the 89th place. There are 153 580 players initially register and they should rank among the 54 first places to make sure $ 5106.

At the moment Russian Nikolay Losev is at the forefront. It is followed by Joseph Cheong (3rd place at the main event in 2010, after losing the biggest pot in the history of the WSOP at the hands of Jonathan Duhamel).

The action will resume today at 3 p.m. Las Vegas time.

Non-WSOP - Venetian 5 k:
We you had talked about yesterday: Gabriel Alarie was in position of strength to put his hand on victory in a tournament to $ 2500 at the Venetian while he was returning to the tables against only two opponents. Gabriel Alarie had then a huge advantage in chips and will soon be made to confirm his victory. Alarie pockets thus $ 152,000.

Honorable mention to the Québécois Vincent Jacques (aka Vluff), who finished 4th in the same tournament.

To watch today:
-The Québécois Roch Cousineau, in 21st place in the #51 event.
-Erik Cajelais and Jeff Hakim to the #52 event.
-Beginning of championship Hold'Em reserved for women, where our two women's forum (Laurence Gonzales, aka Sharon & Geneviève Ghanem, aka Pickpocket) have already confirmed their participation.


Event #46 - Championship of No-Limit Hold'Em 6 - max to 10 $000 - victory of Joe Ebanks.
Event #48-No - Limit Hold'Em $ 1500 - François billiard (Roo_400) finished 22nd.
Event #49 - Limit 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball $ 2,500 - victory of Leonard Martin.
Event #50 - Triple Chance No - Limit Hold'Em $ 5000 - no chance for PhilLeDingue and Jeff Hakim.
Event #51-Pot - Limit Omaha Hi - Low $ 1500 - Roch Cousineau is the sole survivor among Quebecers
Event #52 - Hold' mixed (limit & No.-limit - Erik Cajelais and Jeff Hakim spend the day #2.
Tournament Venetian 2.5 k - Gabriel Alarie confirmed his victory.

Results of Quebecers to the WSOP 2011 - updated till the #51 event


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