2011 WSOP - summary June 2 (event #2-3-4-5 and WSOP rematch)

wsop-2011-bracelet-resultatsThe world series of poker are well and truly started, while many events were taking place simultaneously. Also, with the beginning of the first event of Texas Hold'Em, could finally assess the impact of Black Friday on the number of participants at the WSOP.

Daniel Negreanu had stated a few days earlier that he expected a drastic decline. Although his words were the main event $ 10,000, $ 5,000 Hold'em event ' no limit already gave a solid comparison point. Despite a general decline in traffic in the online gaming industry and that several American professional players still have inaccessible funds on PokerStars, FullTilt Poker and UltimateBet/Absolute Poker, the number of participants increased...!

Event #4 – No - Limit Hold'Em $ 5000
The$ 5000 NLHE (#4 event) event attracted 835 entrants, or 43 players more than last year. Of this number, several Quebec including Philippe Boucher (PhilLeDingue), Jonathan Driscoll (Da_Engineer), Marc-Étienne McLaughlin (General Irish), Jean-Philippe Matte (JPhil), Will Molson, and several others.

The day ended abruptly for JPhil. After being cracker its ACE on the second level, he has had to contend with a small carpet for quite a while. He then lost a pot with a top 2 pairs against a player who hit a suite on the turn. And then, he lost in a confrontation 88 vs. QQ.

A few moments later, it is PhilLeDingue that was show the exit door. And it is an another Quebecer, Da_Engineer, making him more evil then he broke the QQ of Phil with his 44 (all in preflop). Remaining chips have allowed Phil to push all in the next hand with his AQs... and he found himself against a player with KK.

The two acolytes Da_Engineer and General Irish eliminated virtually at the same time. Unfortunately for General Irish, he found himself in a "cooler" had AJ on a board J-4-4-J-9, giving it a fullhouse JJJ44. Unfortunately for him, his opponent had J9, giving it a greater fullhouse (JJJ99).

It remains only 243 participants. Among these, Gabriel Alarie (having finished 81st last year at the Main Event of the WSOP) is located in 31st place and William Molson (of the Molson family) located at the 232nd place.

Event #3 Omaha Hi-Low split 8-or-better (2nd day):
The Québécois Guillaume Rivet (SixZeros) dominated the hostilities after a day of play, having finished the day at more than 70,000 chips. He continued to dominate much of the second day, keeping first place and increasing his stack to over 120,000. Unfortunately for him, things do not proceeded as he would have liked and he now finds himself in 24th place on the 25 remaining players to 37,000. SixZeros ensures a pool $ 8191.

On the side of Miguel Proulx (Mig), the second day started beautifully for him. It moved from a medium carpets to 85,000 tokens, placing it at this time in 11th place. Unfortunately for him, the day has not ended as it began, and it finally SixZeros himself who will have eliminated compatriot québécois in 28th position. MIG nevertheless won a prize pool of $ 6868.

Event #5-7-card Stud $ 1500.
While the Omaha and Hold'Em experienced an increase of participants, this was not the case for the$ 1500 7-card Stud event. A total of 357 participants took part in the event, a decrease compared to 408 last year players. Very few Quebecers took part in the event. The Quebecers and the first WSOP bracelet holder, André Boyer, took part in the event. It is found approximately in middle of Pack with 12 400 chips. The french and non-participating Member of PokerCollectif "Alexandre Luneau" (alexonmoon) finds himself, for his part, in the top 20 to 23 900 tokens.

The WSOP Rematches - confrontation 'back to the' future.
Despite a certain lack of interest in this event among seasoned poker players, it only remains that this shot of WSOP marketing is a stroke of genius for the general public and television. Through this event, Sam Fahra had had an opportunity to take revenge on Chris Moneymakers (WSOP 2003), while Johnny Chan will take the opportunity to take revenge on Phil Hellmuth (1989). Erick Seidel will also have the opportunity to take revenge later on Johnny Chan (1988): this confrontation could not take place due to the fact that Seidel was still alive in Omaha tournament.

The Moneymakers-Farha confrontation has been for the less exciting and pushed to the limit of 3 games (it was a 2 of 3). In the first game, Moneymakers began with the same token as in 2003 lead, and the result was exactly the same: a victory of Moneymakers. Then, for the second game, carpets were reversed and this is Farha that began with the advance that had Moneymakers in 2003. This time, Farha was able to prevail, although Moneymakers was able to regain the lead at some point in the tournament. Then the 3rd confrontation was much more intense: the two adversaries began with the same carpet. The party ended with a victory of Moneymakers. Funny fact, Farha will have lost its biggest pot with exactly the same hand that made him lose in 2003: JT. While the flop fell Jh-2d-Th, Moneymakers felt in advance with its J2, while Farha feeling well at ease with his JT, giving him two top pairs. Unfortunately for him, the river brings a 2, giving the fullhouse Moneymakers.
On the side of confrontation Hellmuth-Chan, Chan was never really intimidated by Hellmuth. From the beginning of the match, Chan has established the momenthum and quickly won against Hellmuth.

Event #2-25 $000 heads-up No - Limit Hold'em (update #3).
They were 8 and they are more than 4. In total, 4 clashes, either:
Marafiotti vs. Hansen
Cody vs. Guetti
Paredes vs. Timoshenko
Evdakov vs. Froehlich

Yevgeniy Timoshenko will be the first to get rid of his opponent and to advance in the semi-finals. Then, Eric Froehlich followed during a confrontation for the less aggressive with his opponent Nikolay Evdakov, both not hesitant not a single minute to push each other all in.

Conversely, the game on the main table was much more quiet: Jake Cody and Anthony Guetti tackled slowly and surely, and it took a "cooler" so that both players are all in and that Cody outweighs Guetti.

Gus Hansen match was one that definitely drew the largest audiences. Thanks to a methodical game, Gus Hansen was able to prevail over Marafiotti and is now one win of a place in the final. In 2010, Gus Hansen won the HeadsUp of World Series of Poker Europe Championship. The game will continue today so that Gus Hansen will face Jake Cody and Eric Froehlich will face Yevgeniy Timoshenko.

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