2011 WSOP - ready for the day 3 - Summary of July 12

wsop-2011-braceletSurvivors of day 1 B and 1 d were back today for the day, the last day before moving on to day 3 (first day) where all players will now meet.

With not less than 41 participants Quebec 2490 players of the day 2B, several players had thus the opportunity to claim the title won last year by Jonathan Duhamel. The delegation Quebec could then count on Marc-André Ladouceur, Patrick-James McNamara (pjamez), Guillaume Rivet (SixZeros), Martin-Fournier Giguère (Giggy), Philippe d'Auteuil (Takechip), Samuel Chartier (aaajack), David Barter, Julien Fauteux (Jaedae), Benoit Lord (Inflames), Arthur Walker, Amirouddine Alibay, Guillaume Patry, Derek Lerner, Patrick Fortin (patnitrof), Ludovic Lachance (theplux), Aaron Lerner, Jonathan Roy (Brendl), Joshua Sauvageau (Mohd), Philippe Plouffe, Erik Cajelais, Vlad Teodoresco, Mathieu Clavet (dilith knot), Christos Arvanitis, Isabelle Mercier, Terry Hobbs, Rock Cloutier, Timoleon Psiharis, Sylvain Bouchard, John Xenos, Stéphane Fournier, Brahm Blumenthal, Sébastien Roy (rockstar), Joseph Hanna, Mario Defoy, Pascal Lefrancois (pass_72), Jean-François Bouchard, Odette Tremblay, Carter Swidler, Marc Carpenter-Perrault, Pierre Root and François billiard (Roo_400).

Unfortunately, to be able to combine all this beautiful world with survivors of the day 2A, of course need to eliminate a few. The day was less successful than any before. Some players experienced a difficult day and have seen their tournament to stop yesterday, others were treated to a roller coaster ride and some have simply been able to limit the damage... but nobody stands unduly. Patrick-James 'pjamez' McNamara is the one who will have finished the day in a better position, but it will be ranked 5th among Quebecers during the day 3. 16 other Quebecers who survived the day 2B are (from largest carpet to smallest) Jean-François Bouchard, Martin-Fournier 'Giggy' Giguère, Terry Hobbs, Julien 'jaedae' Fauteux, Patrick 'patnitrof' Fortin, David Barter, Sébastien 'rockstar' Roy, Ludovic 'theplux' Lachance, Stéphane Fournier, Philippe 'Takechip' d ' Auteuil, Christos Arvanitis, Marc-André Ladouceur, Isabelle Mercier, Carter Swidler, Derek Lerner and Arthur Walker. They will join 11 Quebec players yesterday who survived the day 2A.

In total, there is 1866 survivors on 6865 entries. For the moment, the leader in token is none other than... Benjamin Lamb. He knows an incredible sequence so far at the WSOP and nothing seems to stop it. He found himself earlier yesterday in a rather precarious position, while he found himself all-in with two pair against two players (one of them with a flush; the other had a pair and a draw to the nut flush). Lamb has managed to hit one of its 4 outs, eliminating the 2 time players. As would probably say JPP: "is this the life of Benjamin Lamb"...

1866 players will be back today, while expected to approach more in addition to paid positions (top 683).

Here is the ranking of 28 remaining Quebec players who will take part in the day 3:
Christopher 'D0r1t0s' McClung (28th - 313 600)
Jean-Christophe 'Ahmad' Ferreira (65th - 279,600)
Marc-Étienne 'General Irish' McLaughlin (99th - 248 500)
Patrick-James 'pjamez' McNamara (227th - 194 300)
Jean-François Talbot (278th - 183,000)
Jean-François Bouchard (330th - 172 000)
Martin 'Giggy' Fournier-Gen (339th - 169,900)
Terry Hobbs (373rd - 161 900)
Gabriel 'gabygaby' Houle Morin (400th - 157 900)
Jonathan 'KiwiKaki' Garneau(503rd - 143,000)
Julien 'jaedae' Fauteux (532nd - 138 900)
Patrick 'patnitrof' Fortin (604e - 128,000)
Sean Grover (679th - 119,600)
Shawn Hattem (700th - 117 200)
Marc-Étienne 'Marke' Blais (873rd - 100 700)
David Barter (886th - 99 800)
Sébastien 'rockstar' Roy (912th - 97 400)
Ludovic 'theplux' Lachance (926th - 96 500)
Stéphane Fournier (1073rd - 81,500)
Philippe 'Takechip' of Auteuil (1092nd - 79 500)
Christos Arvanitis (1135th - 75 900)
François 'greg29' hoe (1166th - 72 900)
Marc-André Ladouceur (1253rd - 65 000)
Isabelle Mercier(1272nd - 63,500)
Carter Swidler (1436th - 51 800)
Derek Lerner(1483rd - 49,000)
Marc-André Payette (1660th - 37,000)
Arthur Walker (1787th - 23,400)

The action will resume tomorrow, while the players will be on leave today... Stay tuned on PokerCollectif for any updates in real time by clicking on the following link:
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