2011 WSOP - Sébastien Roy looking for a bracelet - summary July 5

wsop-2011-braceletSébastien 'rockstar' Roy on the final table at the #54 tournament; Phil Hellmuth pursuit of a 12th bracelet at the #55 tournament; Laurence 'Sharon' Grondin, Vincent 'vluff' Jacques, Linda Huard and Adrian Milroy spend day 2 at the #56 tournament and no luck for Quebecers to the last event before the main event of the WSOP. Here is the summary of July 5 to the WSOP 2011.


Event #54 - Hold' no limit to $ 1000 - a final table for Sébastien Roy (Rockstar)
They were 44 and they are more than 9: the finalists of the #54 tournament will be back today to determine the winner. Among them, the Québécois Sébastien 'rockstar' Roy has been able to survive to this day.

It is Russian Maxim Lykov taking the most advantage of this day. His day was a real Russian mountain golf course, while he found himself with just 250,000 tokens at some point of the day, to finally end the day 3 as the chip leader with a double on his closest pursuer advantage (2.4 m to Lykov, then American Dror Michaelo is ranked second with a little less 2.m).

On the side of Sébastien Roy, he finds himself in the fourth row with 1.4 m in chips. Its position on the final table is excellent: it is found directly to the left of the two leaders in chips (Lykov and Michaelo).

The action will resume at 2.30 p.m. Las Vegas time. Good luck to Sébastien Roy, who will have the possibility to win a first bracelet for Quebec.

Event #55 - the players Championship $ 50,000 - Phil Hellmuth pursuit of a 12th bracelet.
The day was long for the 29 players, while not less than seven levels of 100 minutes have been played before we can know the finalists.

At the conclusion of the day, this is Minh Ly, who has had the honour to finish as chip leader, with a lead of more than double on Brian Rast, his closest pursuer.

Phil Hellmuth Jr. will again have the opportunity of adding a strap to his record, while he is in the 5th position with only 9 players remaining. Benjamin Lamb, who knows so far of the world series of poker breathtaking, keeps his side going while it is ranked 7th.

Each finalist is already provided $ 168 529, while the winner will put hands on $ 720 1,328.

Event #56 - Hold'em no limit to $ 1500 - four Quebecers spend the day 2.
WSOP draw to an end, and the #56 tournament was the last tournament ' Em before the main event of the world series of poker. Not less than 3389 participants responded to the call to try to win one last bracelets this year. More of a 40s of Quebec players were of the lot.  But as that almost 90% of participants have been eliminated yesterday, only 4 have been able to spend the day 2. This is the case notably Vincent Jacques (vluff - 55th), Linda Huard (92nd), Laurence Grondin (Lady Luck - 155th) and Adrian Milroy (term).

While 6 players were able to reach the mark of 100 k in chips yesterday, one of them particularly stood out: the American Benjamin Volpe was able to accumulate 156 200 tokens.

The action will resume today, while still 123 players must be removed before the bursting of the bubble, then allowing 342 survivors receive a minimum of $ 2882.

#57-Pot - Limit Omaha 8-or-better event to $ 5000 – no chance for Duhamel, McClung and Stacey.
Last tournament of the WSOP before the main event, this tournament of OLP to $ 5,000 will be attracted 352 players, an increase of 25% over last year.

Virtually all of the Québec delegation was busy in the Hold'em Tournament ' em which began simultaneously, so only 3 Quebecers took part in this event: Jonathan Duhamel (poker_john), Christopher McClung (D0r1t0s), and Spenser Stacey. Unfortunately, none of the three players was able to survive this first day, so that a little less than half of the players have not been able to spend the day 2.

The action will resume today and disposals should succeed quickly. For the moment, Gary Bolden throne at the top of the standings with 189 players remaining.

To watch today
-The final table of Sébastien Roy (Rockstar). We'll give you the link to listen to this final table on the forum (see link below for the tournament #54)
-The final table of the Championship of the $ 50,000 players, where Phil Hellmuth will attempt to increase his record of WSOP bracelets.
-Vincent 'vluff' Jacques, Laurence 'Sharon' Grondin, Linda Huard and Adrian Milroy returning for the 2nd day at the #57 tournament

For more details, see the forum by clicking the following links:
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Event #56 - Hold' no limit to $ 1500 - Laurence 'Sharon' Grondin, Vincent 'vluff' James and two other Quebec spend the day 2.
Event #57-Pot - Limit Omaha hi-low 8-or-better - no chance for the three Quebec players.

Results of Quebecers to the WSOP 2011 - updated till the #53 event


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