FTP: Ray Bitar is the one to blame as Doyle Brunson

Doyler Brunson wrote in his blog last Monday: "I was in contact with Lederer in recent months. When someone I know for years, and in whom I have confidence, look me in the eye and assures me he had no knowledge of the financial problems of Full Tilt, I think so". It adds more than it also believes Ferguson when he said the same thing. This is obviously the opinion of one man. Doyle does here relies to his intuition and experience to make such a statement.



To defend his friends, Doyle said that Lederer had more really involved in the management of FTP for two or three years.

According to his blog, the problem would be due to the fact that FTP management had too many poker players and not enough competent leaders. Can we really forgive anyone for incompetence, if such is his crime?

Doyle puts the main blame on Ray Bitar who, according to him, should be relieved of his duties this well long ago. What explains that Ray was still in service at the time of the fall of FTP is that it paid its players very generous dividends (added to the fact that the players were, apparently, not really aware of the precarious situation of FTP). This part of Doyle's explanation is a bit lame as you can account. On one side, he said that dividends have perhaps made sure players have been less severe in its regard and on the other, he claims that players lacked a good general knowledge of the status of FTP.

The poker legend, Ray Bitar should inform his players of the financial problems that watched FTP. Players such as Ferguson and Lederer would be for management in this story, who believed to be involved in a company that had a great health.

During interrogation by U.S. authorities, Ferguson and Lederer had denied having been aware of the situation financially disastrous FTP, something that Doyle Brunson does not call into question: "you can believe or not to believe the fact that Chris Ferguson and Howard Lederer were aware of the problems. I know that the world of poker wants blood and believes guilty. I think that time will eventually give us the answer."

Doyle summarises the situation in its own way: "how exactly Full Tilt has lost their money is unclear to me. Something on both cards, electronic checks that they couldn't cash, etc... They have lost the way to get money for the site. Bitar was in power and has obviously made bad decisions. He has had financial trouble and instead of saying to its shareholders, thought he could get out of the rut. Thus, he continued to send significant dividends to the people to give the illusion that everything was fine. Bitar, who is obviously a very smart guy and would have solved the problems, but Black Friday is passed by there and everything is recovered to the surface."

What do you think the explanation of Doyle Brunson?

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