Chris Moorman will publish a book of poker to the D & B editions

Last September, PokerCollectif spoke you of Chris Moorman as one who has exceeded 10 M$ in tournament earnings.

Recently, we learned that Moorman was going to publish a book published by D & B Poker: "Moorman's Book of Poker".

On the website of the Publisher, we learn that the book should be issued in November 2014 for the United States and December 2014 in Europe.

Moorman will analyze more than 100 hands played in tournament play by Byron Jacobs, co-author of the book. According the information we have so far, "using the coaching format allows Chris to explain in detail what it takes to develop his level of expertise."

The editor of the book, Dan Addelman, told PokerNews following this announcement: "any editor would be delighted to publish a book of Chris Moorman.". He was so known success online and in live, his results speak for themselves. »

Regarding the idea of this book, the author tells PokerNews interview: "I was approached by D & B to write a book with them. I was hesitant at first, but after reading a few other books they have published, and after a little more talking with them to the concept, I was very excited to be able to write my first book on poker. It is the first time in my life I'll make some kind of coaching. I've never done video or private coaching before. Many people had asked me and this is the perfect opportunity to do so."

In conclusion, the author tells us that in a yet undetermined future, he'd write an autobiography.

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