Case Watanabe: Caesars Entertainment sentenced to a fine of $ 250,000

Terrance Watanabe case reminds you something? This man is a legend in Las Vegas; in 2007, he was appointed as the most big loser of the year (and history) probably with total losses of 127 M$. $ 127 million, that is correct! That money, he lost it to Caesars Entertainment. No wonder that at this time, he was treated in King! He had including the most beautiful suites of the hotel-casino, the services of a team of employees which was specifically dedicated to him, directives asking staff to give to all its requests and a percentage of 30% recovery on its losses, a form of brief rakeback!

A few months after that one has got wind of the thing, Caesars Entertainment took the decision to claim the sum of $ 14.7 million, which corresponded to loans non-reimbursed Terrance made.

The case became more important when Terrance, instead of simply to repay these loans, defended himself not to have had his head at the time where he received these loans. In his words, it was not lucid at the time of the loans because it had mixed alcohol and pills that the casino would have provided. What course, the casino had responded. After a long conflict, the two parties decided to agree on one point: the casino dropped prosecutions and in Exchange, Watanabe should pay the sum of $ 100,000 to the casino.

Recently it was reported that the New Jersey's Division of Gaming Enforcement (NDGE) had the contrary idea to impose a fine of $ 225,000 to Caesars Entertainment. This authority of New Jersey has for mission to ensure compliance with the legislation of the games.

According the NDGE, the fine of $ 225,000 is motivated by several mistakes that the casino has made. Among the wrongs alleged against the casino (we expect), that of inciting Watanabe to play more and despite his lack of clarity ever more apparent. The casino was perfectly aware that Watanabe was not in perfect possession of all its resources when he played (particularly because of his drug and alcohol use).

In addition, several employees of the Caesars were complaints at the time that Mr Watanabe made them (displaced) advances. Instead of dealing with these complaints by employees, the casino decided to simply move Department employees to go to work elsewhere. The profits of the casino went here before the welfare of their employees.

An officer of Caesars had even told employees: "give him what he wants, the goal is that it continuous to play".

Watanabe was described as a hateful and very bad player by the casino employees.

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